Holiday Inn Express, Metropolis, IL

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On our 10th anniversary, we were headed toward Metropolis, Illinois. Destination: unknown… oh wait, Mermet Springs for Scuba Diving. This year we decided to stay at the Holiday Inn. 

And look at that gorgeous sunset!!

Holiday Inn Express

2179 E 5th St
Metropolis, IL 62960

The Holiday Inn Express is just down the road from the Super 8 where we have stayed so many times, especially the night they took us in at 2 am

Since there were 5 of us going, we got 2 hotel rooms. My MIL stayed with the girls in a double room and hubby and I shared a king-sized bed. 

From the sounds of things, all rooms were booked this weekend. Why? do I know this? Well, the air conditioner in our room needed work. The guy who worked the front desk was able to get us a room with an AC the last night we were there. And yes, he teased me. haha. I love it when people are so great. We weren’t mad, but he was great and helped us get a room with a working AC.

Why was he teasing me? Well, just like in Alaska, we had to go to the front desk to get clean towels. I got clean towels the last night we were there, and about 20 minutes later the front desk was able to change rooms for us. And I left the clean towels in our old room. So he had to get me clean towels… again. 

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