Out of Our Control – Coronavirus Day 3

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No truer words have been spoken. There is a lot of weird fear and hoarding going on lately. It is rather sad really. I don’t know anything more about the future than the next person. I did a little research on why people are hoarding toilet paper. It’s supposedly because when you can’t something you don’t understand, you feel better when you can control something. I guess being able to control the fact you have toilet paper is a happy thing? I’m back to being a little lost sadly.

My dad and husband both are constantly reminding me to not worry about the things we cannot control. That is really harder to do than said.

Spring Break

We are on Spring Break right now, so life really isn’t too different for us. I had originally wanted to go somewhere for Spring Break. I had no destination in mind, just thought it might be nice if we could. Heck, I was even willing to go to the zoo. Do something. But everything is shutting down and I don’t want to get stuck somewhere so I told hubby we’d scratch that idea. So I have tried to make it a point to let the little ride horses every day. That’s something she loves to do!!

At this point, she really doesn’t know anything is going on in the world. At 5 years old, that’s probably best. She doesn’t need to fret and fear.

The parent’s job is to worry about all of this for them so they don’t have to fret or fear. I have to say, my parents always did a really good job of that when I was growing up. Hmmm… I think I fail there sadly, but so far, she doesn’t know any different. 

The oldest is out of school this week too, but she wasn’t supposed to be. Her spring break is next week but her entire state canceled school this week. Life is getting ready to take an interesting turn, that’s for sure. Hang on to see what happens!!

And one last piece of advice…

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