Meet Audrey!!!

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So I have some sad news, My Bear Dog never came back. I’m afraid he was stolen. Some friends of mine that live around the corner said that there is a gray van that drives around scoping out purebred looking dogs and steals them. It’s been 3 weeks since he came up missing :(.

I’ve always had dogs. In fact at home with my parents we always had between 3 and 5 dogs at one time. We’ve never been dog poor. In fact I still have a dog at my parents house, Morelli, but he’s used to my parents house and being with multiple dogs we are afraid to bring him to our house so he’s staying with my mom and dad.

So since I’m used to dogs and so is PC we went on a dog hunt. We had it narrowed down to 3 different types, an Australian Shepherd, a Boxer or a Cocker Spaniel. Our search came to an end on Thursday night when we got this cutie patootie!

Meet Audrey
The first night we had her she wouldn’t do anything but sleep under the kitchen table until we put her in her crate for the night. Oh the joys of house training another puppy 🙂

PC finally had to move her out b/c we couldn’t coax her.

She thought maybe she was interested in him by then.

Earlier in the night she road around in the cab of my dad’s truck with my mom while we loaded a trailer full of Alfalfa hay.

But coming from a bunch of puppies she stunk so I had to give her a bath. She was NOT happy with me.

She didn’t like her bath!
Now if I’m in the shower, she wants in with me… go figure.

This was Friday morning. We went for a walk so she could do her business.

She’s allowed on the futon but not the couch or chair. The futon cover really needs to be cleaned anyway so it isn’t as big of deal.

She sure wanted PC though. I now have to not only share PC with his daughter (my step-daughter) but also another female….

She got her lovin’s though! I swear when Tbug comes over next (this coming weekend) I’ll have to sit by myself, Audrey will have one side, Tbug the other 🙁

We also dog-sat his sister’s dog. Mazie is a trouble maker, she runs off, so yes she’s on the inside of the door where Audrey is on the outside.

They are mirroring each other… haha.

Hold still I’m trying to tell you something Audrey… lol
 Through the glass kisses.
The girls. 🙂
Then Sunday night she was staying the night at my parents. I told PC to pack her an overnight bag and he packed her in it too. She was sitting on her food and really upset b/c she wanted it and we were trying to take her picture.
See I got the pouty face. haha!
She wanted to be in one with me and my new scarf 🙂

Then PC called her around the corner 🙂

Peace, Love & Puppy Kisses!

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  1. I'm so sorry about your dog. That's awful if that really did happen. Audrey is so precious! Our dog prefers my husband over me, but I think that's because he picked her out when we adopted her. Ha!

  2. Very sorry to hear about your dog. I hope she has safe and being loved by someone. We had to say goodbye to our 13 year old German Shorthair this summer, so very hard. I'm not ready for another one yet but I really enjoyed seeing your newest family member, she's adorable!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about bear! =( that's awful!!
    Your new pup is so stinkin' cute it's not even fair =) It seems like she is really warming up to you guys. Good luck with the training =)

  4. I am sorry to hear about your other dog. So sad! People just do not think or care that they are taking someone's family member. 🙁 On another note, congrats on Audrey! She is such a cutie! 🙂

  5. OH MY GOSH!!! She is too cute!! Sorry your dog never came back but I'm sure she'll help ease the pain. I've always had several dogs to, imagine that!

  6. You are right she is really cute. I've never seen a cocker spaniel that colour, like a blue merl australian shepherd. Wierd but I like it. Hope you have lots of fun with her and I love the name too

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