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Wow, this weekend was crazy! Friday it decided to snow on us. The weather people never could make up their mind as to how much we’d get, sometimes it was 1-3 inches, other times it was 6-12 inches. I got so tired of them being back and forth, a friend of mine made the comment, why not just say nothing to a foot and a half and cover all the basis :). By the time we went out Saturday morning, there was about 6-8 inches on the ground. Needless to say, the car didn’t get to leave the driveway all weekend. I rode with Prince Charming & Dad all weekend.

Friday night while it was snowing, Prince Charming got there to do chores and there was a ewe with a set of twins. One didn’t make it, so we moved her in the barn with the one survivor. Then Dad thought that I had 3 more ewes that looked like they were ready. Our barn was full of mommas and babies so we put them in the trailer. That way they were out of the snow in case they decided to lamb overnight.

Well, nothing happened on Friday night or Saturday. Sunday my dad went out to do chores and sure enough, we had babies on the ground. I got up and got dressed and headed out to help, crawled in the trailer, there were 5 baby lambs. All 3 ewes had lambed overnight. Then we had one ewe out in the ewe pen that had a baby as well. I had babies running out of my ears! Prince Charming and I got them all doctored up and moved the one little ewe and baby into the barn.

The funny part, all 6 lambs born were all ewe lambs. On top of the farm being a birthing center this weekend, my mother asked if I could clean the guest bedroom at their house. That was a project all in itself but we managed. It actually looks like a bedroom now instead of a junk room :). Prince Charming & I make a great team. Why couldn’t we have gotten together in high school… Another time, another story!!

So with everything going on and not even getting last week’s post up until Wednesday or Thursday, this week’s word was Random. I figured it would be easier to get a random photo then to get a specific photo. The funniest part, Prince Charming & my photo both are off iPhone cameras… LOL. I have such a nice camera plus his & my point and shoot, and we used iPhones.

Nicole: I was trying to show the dept with one foot standing on top of the snow and the other sunk down in the snow.

Prince Charming: Chose this because this is us teaching Tbug to ride.
Next weeks word: Love

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