Planting the Garden – Coronavirus Day 42

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This weather has been nuts. I swear, it goes along with this year. This year has been nuts. Wow! So weird, in fact I put my sweatshirt on backward this morning. Oy! But, it’s the perfect time to plant a garden since we’re all sitting at home with nothing to do. And that’s just what I did yesterday. I started the garden, planted it once, that didn’t work, so I’ve proceeded to grow seeds in the greenhouse. Update on that to come shortly. But, when the first set of seeds didn’t work, I added more soil, tilled it up a couple of times… AND… now we’re ready! Ready to plant. Except the weather isn’t cooperating.

It has rained at some point every day this week. Yesterday morning included. BUT then…

So first off…

My friend Janet talked about planting corn on her Instagram stories the other day. She mentioned an Earthway Precision Garden Seeder. I went on the hunt to do a little research and kind of fell in love. I was trying to find one locally so that I could get my corn planted… I might be itching to get my corn planted.

But I couldn’t find one anywhere close. I did find a Chapin, but they didn’t have very good reviews. Now, it seems like normally people only do reviews when they are unhappy, but still… So I went ahead and ordered the Earthway like Janet had. I was excited when my seeder showed up yesterday. I was a little bummed though that it was raining. Then the clouds parted and the sun came out. I decided I was planting corn… right then.

Corn variety

I decided to go with Peaches and Cream corn seeds that I got at a local greenhouse.

So my thoughts on the seeder?

My garden has a lot of rocks in it. My seeder didn’t like that. Also, it was muddy. Remember the rain comment? And I wasn’t sure if it planted as I wanted, so I went back through and planted with my finger. I was just worried. But, the seeder was way cool. It would have worked better on a garden with fewer rocks that wasn’t muddy.

Oh yeah, and then I accidentally dumped the seeder so I may have a lot of corn growing in my yard come germination time. haha. I’ll keep you updated 🙂

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