Christmas 2018

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This Christmas was quite a blur. Between buying and remodeling a house and Abug being at preschool, this Christmas season was quite the blur. They say that time doesn’t slow down, it only gets faster as you get older. I believe that is true. But I sure wish it would slow down!

This year for name tags, I printed off Christmas pictures from years past. I tried to include the person who the present was to in the tag, but that’s not always an option (ahem, my mother). I also tried to put bows on the packages. They were just so darn pretty. Especially under the tree.

This year Abug wanted to wrap presents for people. She went around gathering up scraps of paper from my wrapped presents and started wrapping up some of her toys for everyone.

One of my favorite things to do is to go around at night taking pictures of the trees all lit up with the packages below. Just so beautiful! There’s nothing better than all the light being from a Christmas Tree

Christmas Eve

This was our year to have Tbug for Christmas Eve through Christmas Day at noon. AC and UB are able to be up for Christmas Eve so hubby, Abug, and I cook all day for dinner. Dad jokingly said he wanted a Sweet Potato Pie, so I made him one. No one even took a bite of it. I’m not sure if it was any good or not, but it sure was pretty.

Abug was willing to help daddy and mommy cook until Tbug showed up.

I really think one of the best things made was the Spinach Artichoke Christmas Tree.

This year at the Chili cookoff Jody made a Christmas wreath with a red truck on it. Everyone, I mean everyone (okay maybe not EVERYONE) fell in love with it to the point she got orders. She had a hard time finding the red trucks even. I was one of the lucky ones, mom bought me one of the wreaths for Christmas.

And there’s another Santa Salt and Pepper Shaker added to the mix!! Yey!!

Christmas Day

I have a tendency to be a “morning” person on Christmas morning only. It’s a thing that has been this way for years. By 6:30, no one was awake, and I knew that we had to get presents unwrapped so we could get to Grandma’s for breakfast. I ran into the girls’ room yelling “The British are coming; the British are coming!!” A phrase they probably don’t understand, but it woke them up.

The dogs were ready for their ride. Dad had to load them up to go to Grandma’s or else they would have followed him down there and terrorized her kitties.

Normally Grandma makes breakfast on Christmas morning. Most years she makes her breakfast casserole as well as cinnamon rolls. This year Renee decided she was going to make Biscuits and Gravy so that Grandma didn’t have to make breakfast. Hubby really likes Grandma’s breakfast casserole, so he had me get a copy of the recipe to make it for him. He said it wasn’t nearly as good as hers. Oh well, I tried.

MIL came to Grandma’s to deliver the girls their Christmas presents. Abug got a new camera for Christmas so a lot of the Christmas photo taking was left to her and her camera.

Renee thought it would be fun to do a dirty Santa present this year. We never could get confirmation, so we just turned the presents that we bought for her and UJ into the dirty Santa present. I decided I really wanted what I bought for Renee, so my goal was to make sure that’s what I wound up with, and I did. It was a lot of fun too.

AJ bought Grandma a reindeer blanket. She also bought us a Christmas Tree blanket.

Christmas Day with Hubby’s Family

From Grandma’s, we had to leave to take Tbug back to her mom. Then from there it was off to Ambyr’s house for hubby’s family Christmas. Now one thing to note, it wouldn’t be a family event without hubby picking on CS or MF or winding up with someone having food on their face.

This is the last year for Christmas at this house. Ambyr and Travis bought a new house earlier this month. They were actually in the process of trying to pack and have Christmas. Supposedly this has been where Christmas has been for years, so it was a little bittersweet. This is where I’ve always celebrated Christmas, but I’ve only been around for Christmas for 9 years now so…

The Gingerbread House

Ah, the Gingerbread house. Trying to get everything accomplished doesn’t always happen when it’s supposed to. Because of circumstances around Christmas when Tbug was with us, we didn’t get the Gingerbread house accomplished… so what better time than when Tbug is with us over her birthday. Her Birthday is January 2nd which is 8 days after Christmas. This happened to be our year to have her for her Birthday so perfect time to do the Gingerbread house.


Dad got this shirt for me for Christmas, but it didn’t come in until after Christmas. He knows my love of Christmas movies. It was more of a picking on me, but the joke would be on him because I love it. I might have to wear it in July when Hallmark does their Christmas movies in July week. Just saying

And AC got us (hubby and me) gift cards to Williams Sonoma. This year we decided we wanted the cutting board, hubby wanted the auto salt and pepper shakers, and I really wanted that rolling pin. Merry Christmas to us!

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