For Her Birthday

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I think I want to be everyone else in my little family. They get birthday celebrations that last a week long or longer. Last year was the first time that happened to me…

But anyway, enough about me… So baby girl loves Unicorns these days. Obviously. We had a Unicorn themed birthday party complete with unicorn cake, unicorn macarons, and unicorn cupcakes (but don’t forget the Ultimate Birthday Cake too!). Plus unicorn toys, including the one above. That is a Barbie with a Unicorn. I should mention, she also likes Barbie!

Let’s not forget that she also got a bicycle. We held some of her birthday presents from her party just for her to open on her birthday. She also got a sewing machine and a Unicorn Blowup pool toy.

My mother-in-law works evenings/nights so we invited her to go to lunch with us on Abug’s birthday to celebrate with her/us. I wanted to take Abug to the local Mexican restaurant where she’s practically grown up. These guys know what she’ll order. They even give her 5’s when we see them out in public. It’s so awesome. That and a lot of times if you are at the Mexican restaurant on your birthday, they give you a cake, sing to you, you wear a sombrero, and they might dip your nose in the top of the birthday cake treat they give you. I thought she’d like that. But sadly they didn’t do it. I was sad. Abug didn’t know any different really.

Her last dance class was in May, but we were able to sign her up for summer classes. She signed up for dance and tumbling. The cool thing is they started on her birthday.

Now between lunch and tumbling, she may have gotten in trouble… She told me if I didn’t turn the tv on, she was going to punch me in the nose. Yeah, ask me how that flew. But finally, it was time to go to tumbling and work off some of that energy. Tbug is sooooooo going to have to teach her how to tumble… summersaults, etc. The poor girl got her mommy’s coordination I guess. She can hardly get her behind over her head. <sigh>

One of the treats at our house is picking where you get to go to dinner. She chose her favorite… Outback. This kid LOVES their French Onion Soup, I kid you not. So that’s what she had for dinner. Then they gave her a dessert. She chose a Mini Dessert Parfait. It’s a Layer of rich, creamy filling topped with whipped cream and served in an old-fashioned mini Mason jar. I think I ate more of it than she did. She ate my dad’s Cheesecake with Raspberry Glaze.

Oh and notice her cute dress. My mom made this, especially for her birthday. Those are unicorn heads like her Unicorn Cake/Macarons.

And just like that, she’s 4. Excuse me while I go cry now!

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