Royal Games {Book Review}

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Here it is, midnight. My family is sleeping and I’m sitting here typing away. Why? I just finished book number 10 for my 12 book challenge this year.

Ok first off… let’s address the 12 book challenge. My sister in law challenged me to 52 books. I knew I couldn’t do that. Truthfully I wasn’t sure I could do 12. Most of them have been on the Kindle that I’ve finished so far. I can read in the dark while my husband snores and keeps me awake. #truth. And yes, I still love the feel of real books, but the Kindle is nice when it comes to nighttime reading. Plus you can carry multiple books around with you at once. Win-Win!

Okay, now… when I went into reading tonight, I was at 74% of the book read. I couldn’t put the friggin thing down. I got to the point, even though I knew what was going to happen, I couldn’t wait to see how it played out.

Finally, this was another one of those Hallmark movies… although it would have been on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries while the other two would have been on regular Hallmark. Royal Date would have been a Christmas movie. Royal Chase would have been a spring fling movie. This one would possibly be a Christmas movie or else maybe a fall movie or a January, just after all the Christmas movies go back into the vault for the year. I’ll have to get back to you on that thought…

Royal Games

Genesis Kelley didn’t just get her heart broken. The aspiring veterinarian had it crushed in front of millions of viewers on the dating reality show Marry Me. Now, just as she’s getting her life and dignity back together, her royal heartbreaker, Prince Rafael of Monterra, has landed in Frog Hollow, Iowa. And he’s renting out her aunt’s guest cottage.

Deceiving TV audiences for his brother’s sake cost Rafe the girl of his dreams. But he’s going to fix it, even if it means moving from his mountain-kingdom home to small-town Iowa. A prince doesn’t give up on his rightful princess—especially once he realizes Genesis is in deeper danger than she knows.

Between fixing her truck, whisking her off to Monterra for a whirlwind date, and charming the entire town, Rafe is thawing the ice around Genesis’s heart. Will it be enough to earn back her trust, protect her from her past—and sweep her into a real-life fairy tale?


For some reason, this book was extremely predictable to me. At first, maybe not so much, but quickly it became predictable.

Second off… one problem I have with Hallmark movies (don’t worry I still love them), when a prince hides that he’s a prince so that the girl falls for him and not his title/money, the girl whines about being betrayed and lied to. That drives me nuts. I want to scream and throw things at the tv at them. Stupid, right? Probably, but the guy wants to be loved for who he is. I don’t see what is wrong with that. If you love him as a normal run of the mill human being, why can’t you love him just the same after you find out he’s a prince?

Now, in this book, Genesis knows he’s a prince. Part of her background explains some of that “betrayal” she sees, but still. Now, it would be difficult to be on a reality tv show I’m sure. I wouldn’t want to be on the show like The Bachelor (never watched) or Sweet Home Alabama (the CMT reality show, not the movie. I did watch that… guilty) or oh there was one back in college where a hot girl had to date “nerds.” Oh and then there was one where prissy girls got dumped in the middle of the Australian Outback. Anyway… off track… if you come from a small town, it would definitely be difficult to go back home and feel like you were being talked about.

Okay, but I still liked this book. I gave it a 4 Star on Good Reads because it was a little annoying. Obviously, you have to have those questioning parts and her not just flocking back to his arms, because that would make one quick and boring book. Okay, okay, I’ll give you that but still… It’s a cute and quick read. Like I said, I finished the last quarter of the book tonight before I went to sleep. And now… I need to go to sleep.

Guten Nobbin!

I know more German that I realize… I don’t know why. Sometime you should ask me what my phrase I know that makes everyone look at me in astonishment. It’s a good one! It might or might not have to do with underwear… That’s all I’ll say tonight. Guten Nobbin!!

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