Hotel Cozumel & Resort, Cozumel México

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Oh my goodness, this hotel was so awesome! Deb and Grady definitely didn’t steer us wrong! This is a view of the lobby. Seriously, the lobby!

As we were checking in, they brought us this drink. I’m not really sure what it was, although I do know that it was virgin (aka no alcohol). It had a pineapple taste and it was good and interesting! At check in they took a copy of a credit card and a copy of our passport or our drivers license. And then we were off to our room. Hubby left me to get the luggage to the room while he and Grady went off to get weights for our shore dive that afternoon, but we had a bell hop to help with that. I was so lost though so Deb took me under her wing, thankfully!

There were elevators or else there were stairs. With the suitcases I went elevator, otherwise I did the stairs even though we wound up on the 3rd floor.

This was the view from the 2nd floor looking down.

There was this area just off the elevators/stairs. I didn’t spend any time here, but I think Deb said sometimes for the internet you had to go to one of these areas.

Then it was off to our room.

There were window areas in the floor. I’m sure you could walk on them just fine but I avoided them….

So our first room was double full size beds. I didn’t really think much about that, but I came across Deb and Jared switching to King rooms so I jumped on that chance too. At least through this though, I am able to show you a double room.

Both rooms were set up the same way, other than the change of beds. The sink was in a different room than the shower/toilet. There was a closet with a safe. At the desk, they gave us keys to the safe and to our lockers for our SCUBA diving equipment.
Note: The bottled water is free. It’s included. Use it to brush your teeth, drink, etc. To refill, there are refillable containers in the hallway. Hubby and I didn’t know this so we didn’t touch it.

This was the balcony. It was a great area for sitting out on, getting pictures, and laying SCUBA gear out to try and dry. Although the best way to dry it was to crank your air conditioner way down and leave it in your room over night or all day. Less humidity to avoid.

This was our king size bed room.

And the view out this balcony.

On the first floor there was the bar. Now the alcohol is included. Well they have top shelf stuff that you pay for, but the regular stuff, it’s included.

That might be why a few of these were obtained throughout the week. This is a Strawberry Daiquiri. This became the drink of the trip. In Hawaii it was a Mai Tai, here in Coz, it was the Daiquiri.

Then the restaurant. This is where you eat Breakfast/Dinner. It’s buffet style and included.

The snack bar is in the pool area. There is also a bar in the pool area. The snack bar is open for lunch and snacks. You could get fruit, fajitas, cheeseburgers, and lots of other things.

This is the pool area. OMG it was amazing. Most of the pool was 4feet at the deepest although there were sunning shelves so you can lay on the ledge but you’re still in water. It was like 2-4 inches maybe. There was also a kiddy pool and a hot tub. I’ll tell you the hot tub on a sunburn sucked! Ouch. I sat with my legs outside the hot tub.

The pool area was so beautifully landscaped!

This was another bar area that was opened during the weekend.

There was a stage here. Lots of different things occurred throughout our week here from movie night to a show to songs to dancing.

When you check in they give you a blue card. You bring the blue card here to get a towel. Don’t lose the blue card or you pay $50USD to repay it.

Massage area. Behind that glass obviously.

There was also a gift shop right there on the grounds.

So some of the balconies were like ours with the bars, others were like Jared and Karen’s with the wall. I liked our bars because we could hook our BC’s on to dry. Jared and Karen had to drape their stuff over the wall. I also noticed on their balcony that there were the metal curtains. They are for Hurricane season I assume. I didn’t realize ours had curtains but they did. Jared pointed that out to me… lol. Shows how much I pay attention.

Then across the road was more of the hotel. There were 2 ways to get there… cross the street and either enter through the restaurant or the dive shop or go through the tunnel. I only took the tunnel the morning I took the tunnel pictures, otherwise we went across the road. I had to enter through the tunnel that morning because it was 7am and the restaurant/dive shop weren’t open yet.

This is the lunch area if you don’t eat at the pool area. It’s set up a lot like the dinner area as well.

The back side of the dive shop there. See you come out right in the eating area basically. And if you dive/get air through this dive shop (or any) don’t forget your C-card!

The lockers are on your right heading to the water and the showers dunk tank are on the left. I personally would avoid the dunk tank to wash your gear because Dan actually got a jelly fish in his suit there once upon a time and got burned by the stings. Use the showers and otherwise use the water hose on the boat or your bathroom shower.

This is where you get the sand because the sand never actually goes out into the water. Lounging on these chairs was a blast and I took a couple afternoon naps there. Don’t worry, I covered my sunburned legs up with a towel :).

Off to the right, there is a pool area for divers to enter, then up and over the wall and out into the ocean.

You can’t really see here, but that’s the wall you go over. For the most part you go over under water but maybe a bit of you comes up out of the water as you go up and over.

Boats come up to the left and right of the dock here to load gear on so they can take you out for deeper dives.

Those boards, especially when they were wet bowed under weight… Um…. I avoided walking on them all together.

And this was the best area for sunset pictures. Although sadly I really only got a good one the first night because the clouds kept eating the sun the other nights.

Get lost, don’t worry, there is a map!

And for fun, a couple night shots of the lobby and the outside dolphins.

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