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If there’s something I can tell you about myself that you don’t already know… I love Kansas. Wait, what? Okay, so most people think, ewwww it’s so flat but I absolutely think that’s awesome.

A few years ago (read that as a little over 10, dang!) I was driving through Southwestern Kansas. We were cutting across on I-70 and watching the tumbleweeds go across the highway was fascinating. I’d never seen that before. Then we were trying to get to whatever town it was we were going to (I can’t remember anymore). We could see it but couldn’t find the right road to get us there. We were in a Ford Ranger 4X4 and found a farmer’s access road, so we drove through the access road to the town we were trying to get to. Seriously, you can’t find that if the land isn’t flat!

Then you put corn fields and you put combines and winter wheat and cattle and I’m sold. Remember, my first degree is in Agriculture…

So what does that have to do with the above pictures? Well in my Digital Humanities class I’m going to have to make a digital exhibit on mining in Southeast Kansas. I know absolutely NOTHING about mining in Southeast Kansas so we went over to the Mining Museum in Franklin, KS then drove around looking at all the strip pits in the different mining wildlife reserve areas.

Oh it reminded me that when I was younger I wanted to marry a farmer and own a combine. haha. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my husband, but how cool would that have been… to own thousands of acres that are planted to crop harvests and cattle galore… oh and don’t forget my horses. Maybe even dedicating some land to running Mustangs. Of course I also wanted a Budweiser Clydesdale. But anyway… I’m not a morning person so I’m not sure I could have been married to a farmer… Early mornings and I don’t get along real well. haha 🙂

Anyway, welcome to the mining pits in SEK. oh and SEK = Southeast Kansas just so you don’t read that as something else :).

Happy Monday

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