365 – February – Photos 154-181

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154/365 – We start them early around here watching football/the super bowl!

155/365 – The kitty was mad the groundhog saw his shadow… lol 🙂

156/365 – Bear Bottom… lol 🙂

157/365 – Some days this is how you need to start!

158/365 – I got to meet my new niece tonight. Meet Emerald. She weighed in at 6lb 9oz and was 18″ long. Liss might have made fun of me for turning my camera around on my phone with my nose… priorities! We needed the picture and my hands were full 🙂

159/365 – The sweet dog that’s been living at my parents house for months now. He’s always a little standoffish but if you’re holding food, he’s your best friend.

160/365 – While I was out trying to get pictures of the babies, Pi wouldn’t allow me to get pictures of them… she wanted to be right in the middle of every picture. She can’t handle that there are babies younger than her.

161/365 – Someone got their crafting on

162/365 – Dropped baby girl off with my grandma (her great) so that I could head to school.

163/365 – Yum! That’s all!

164/365 – Should I admit that I finally took my Christmas tree down?

165/365 – It’s cold out here, let’s go inside mom!

166/365 – The Grandparent’s Valentine’s Day Presents are ready!

167/365 – Happy Valentine’s Day

168/365 – My FIL came by today to have hubby look at his computer and got baby snuggles out of the deal.

169/365 – Baby girl experienced her first snow day. She wasn’t quite sure what the cold white stuff was but she played in it a bit and ate a little bit. (all white, no yellow… lol)

170/365 – I left home with sunny weather… 45 minutes later this was my view, plus I got stopped at a train. oy vey! wish me luck driving home tonight at 9:20 🙁

171/365 – I’m feeding myself Mandarin Oranges and love them. I also ate green beans like a champ!

172/364 – Baby girl and I thought we’d make daddy Chicken and Noodles and carrots for dinner.

173/365 – The horse is ready for bed.

174/365 – I needed a picture. Real creative right? So… I worked on homework all day and this is the photo you get. I’m 174 days in, I refuse to quit!

175/365 – Look who decided to come live with us

176/365 – It’s bedtime!

177/365 – These have come in handy at my house… it makes me sad too. I said I’d cry when baby girl got her first cold. I haven’t yet, but I hate it for her too!

178/365 – Trying to decorate the Dophin (Hermann if you ask hubby…) for St. Patty’s Day 

179/365 – Someone is 8 Months old today! How is that possible? I just had her….

180/365 – This cold can go away now! Excuse me while I go snuggle with my family! At least it hit us all at once, right?

181/365 – Do you want to build a snowman? Nope, I want to go swimming, but not a polar plunge… Nope, I want summer weather 🙂

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