365 – Midmonth photos 62-76

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I felt like this month breaking the 365 project up just a bit so you aren’t totally bombarded with photos at the end of the month, so here’s 1-15 also known as 62-76.

62/365 – Having our “chili” at the Chili Cookoff for the Newton County Firefighters Christmas for Kids tonight. Btw, my big sissy won!!

63/365 – Another victory for the Chiefs today with a score of 24/10 against the New York Jets. And Tbug got to experience her first game with a win!

64/365 – Thought it would be fun to try mashed potatoes and green beans tonight. Liked the taste but not sure what to do with them…

65/365- I voted!

66/365 – This is the way you write a paper on The Rape of the Lock.

67/365 – Oreo Balls… Yum! I made these for Dive Club Meeting tonight along with Pumpkin Cheesecake Balls.

68/365 – Pork Tenderloin with Candied Jalapeños and onions and Greenbeans… yum!

69/365 – We’ve Showered, Fed and Ready for Bed. Oh dang, it’s only 8:15pm… Oh well let’s watch Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel!

70/365 – Some days you just need to wear a hat.

71/365 – The Cow wanted to play chicken with me today… I wasn’t sure she was going to let me down the driveway… Cows on one side and a tree on the other…

72/365 – Driving to school for a night class in the dark isn’t fun and makes me more tired than I think I am… Gotta love night classes, come on Research Methods get over early!

73/365 – I wanted to prove that I do study. Test tonight… and get this… no new scuba turkey drawing… I actually was studying! Scuba turkey drawing reference… look here (https://www.facebook.com/ExtremeSportsScuba)

74/365 – I got carried away feeding the dogs this afternoon….Woops. The bag was completely full and I about dropped the whole thing… Don’t worry, that’s only half….Woops

75/365 it’s a Friday night at the Willoughby household

76/365 – A little light dusting of snow… sure why not. So the old wives tale is the day corresponding with the first snow (ie 15) is how many snow days there will be that winter… think it’s true??

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