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So does it seem like to anyone else this year is just FLYING by?  Holy cow where has it gone,  Seriously.  We’re already in November.  Before you know it Santa will have come and gone and then we’ll be left with cold dreary January.  I’m sorry Poor January, but you’re not my favorite month, AT ALL.

So anyway let’s not focus on that and let’s do focus on the topic at hand.  Seems like more and more I’ve started finding blogs that have their Instagram photos displayed on the side bar.  I thought that could be interesting and thought maybe, just maybe someone else might enjoy learning how to do it just as I have.

From what I can tell, if you’re on wordpress there are many options, however this is the way I found it works for blogger.  It’s simple, so here’s the few steps to accomplish it.

First you’ll want to go to Snap Widget.  Once there it will ask you a few details about your blog.

  1. Your Instagram user name
  2. if you want to just display specific hastags, otherwise just make it blank.
  3. Grid, slideshow, or map options
  4. The thumb nail size (my blog is set up for 150 pixels)
  5. Photo border, yes or no.
  6. background color (you have to know your html color code)
  7. Hover effect (dunno what this is, I left it to default)

Then you click Get Code and it pops up with this screen.  Select the coding and copy.

Then go to your blogger layout.  Click “add a gadget” and go down to the html/javascript option.  click on the +

Now you have a box like this.  Give it a title.  I chose Instagram Baby! lol. and right click and paste your source code in the box.

It’ll look like so.  Then click save.  Drag it to where you’d like it displayed within your other gadgets.

Hit save arrangement, view blog and there you have it.  See, very simple!

I had mine on there about a week and then decided my side bars are starting to look cluttered, so I’ve taken it down for the time being.  I may put it back up, I just need to work on decluttering my side bars.  Any suggestions? Ideas?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

p.s.  Have you by chance voted for my photos?  Check out the details here.

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