10 Things to Smile About, February Edition

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1.  Tbug got to attend a Try it Tuesday with us and give scuba diving a try.

2. The girls got to have a fun cookie day.  And the adults got the yummy cookies out of the deal, heck yeah!

3.  Rio came into our lives

4.  I made fun of hubby for trying to leave for work in his house shoes and then I tried to leave for date night in mine.  Woops 🙂

5.  We celebrated Grandma’s birthday at one of her favorite places to eat – Red Lobster

6.  We celebrated Mardi Gras with a King Cake although everyone was avoiding the “good luck” baby thinking that it meant you’d have a baby.  btw, that’s not what it means….

7.  I celebrated my 3 year reminder of the best decision I’ve ever made.

8.  Hubby and I went to a Brazilian Steakhouse for our Valentine’s Day Dinner

9.  Earl, Moo and I spent the day with my grandma getting cooking lessons on how to make Strawberry Jam, Homemade Chicken & Noodles & Kid Friendly Muffins.

10.  We finally got some winter weather.

11. Oh and I’m being a rebel and doing 11 things to smile about.  I saved the best for last: Hubby and I went Ice Skating!!!  Happy Valentine’s Day to us!

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0 thoughts on “10 Things to Smile About, February Edition

  1. Looks like a wonderful month! That pup is just adorable.
    Would have loved to have cooking lessons with my grandmother. What a wonderful memory to have.

  2. Yea!! Love your list! So so cool you got to go scuba diving. And ice skating– I haven't been in years, actually right before the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake- I was able to go skating in the area that they had the speed skating competitions.

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. I haven't been ice skating in over a year. This is a fantastic Happy List! I think it's funny that you and your hubby both tried to leave the house in your house shoes ;P

    Do you ever post recipes? You need to share your new-found knowledge, LOL!

    Thanks so much for linking-up. I'm your newest follower!


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