The Review Extravaganza – July thru September #2014RE

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2014 Review Extravaganza

Welcome to the third round of the Review Extravaganza! We’re quickly winding down on this year but you still have time to link up with the fun!! If you’re wondering about the rules, check out this post, otherwise grab the button and let’s get to this thing now! 🙂

July 2014

From the time I had baby girl on the 26th, I don’t really remember much… I’m so glad I have this blog and I forced myself to keep blogging so that I wouldn’t forget. Come the 3rd of July we went to our first Fourth of July celebration at Dive Club meeting. Again I vaguely remember everything but I’m soooo thankful for this blog and the fact that I forced myself to blog about it so I can remember. I was in such a sleep deprived phase for a while.

We had the worst luck this hay season, tractor broke down completely, borrowed a tractor and had 2 flat tires on it, the mower broke a few times, the baler caught on fire twice within 20 minutes, you name it, we probably had to deal with it. Hubby took 2 weeks vacation around the time baby girl was born to help out and spend time with his new baby and instead he spent that whole time in the hayfield dealing with these issues. I grew up on a farm and know things happen but at that time in my life I hated farm life, I blame the hormones. Toward the beginning of July we FINALLY got all the hay mowed and I was never so happy in my life. Like I said, I blame the hormones.

Baby girl visited her first county fair. This is where mommy grew up pretty much!

Baby girl and I went through some rough patches but we soooo made it! And I’m soooo glad we did!

I wrote a post that would make you scratch your head about life. It was all based off the TV show Family Feud.

We started the tradition of the same picture of baby girl so we could look back throughout the months! {Squeaky Clean Baby}

Baby Girls 1 Month Post

I made baby girls hand and feet prints in ornaments. I still need to finish painting the hands and I need to hang the ornaments on the tree still. I’m a slacker!

I turned 31.

August 2014

I started reposting Our Story again because I’ve actually written new parts but wanted to help catch everyone up on what has been posted up to date:

Missouri voted on Amendment 1 and it passed.

I let you in on a day in my “new” life.

And the story behind baby girls name.

The first day of school finally came and while I was excited I was extremely sad too. This was my first full semester as a Grad student. Very scary!

I told you about Tbug’s lessons on driving a Standard. Btw, the tractor is no longer there so she can’t run into it. and I let you in on a little known secret about my husband and his bracelet. With school starting I did a throwback to senior year of high school.

We went to the Lamar Fair to judge the Leadline competition.

It was finally time to share the monthly photos of baby girl. (Squeaky Clean baby)

And baby girl turned 2 months old.

We all learned why I don’t push carts the same day that baby girl attended her first Kansas City Chiefs game.

September 2014

I started off the month telling you about the Screaming baby. Lose the binky fink (which I really was against) and she screams!

I continued telling more about our story in repostings.

Labor Day Weekend!!

Hubby did his guest post telling everyone about the Woman of his Dreams.

Then I had an epiphany that I’m turning into my parents.

Hubby and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary.

 I updated you on the Time in my Life post that I try to do a couple times per year.

And finally came clean on the night we got thrown out of the hotel at 2am.

Tbug had deep conversations

And then there was the night I came home from Lit Theory so upset and frustrated because the theory we were talking about wouldn’t let my head shut down. Don’t worry, it happened almost every Wednesday night for the whole semester. We learned New Criticism, Freudian, Marxist, Feminist, and many others.

Time for the 2 month Photos (squeaky clean baby)

Then it was time for the 3 Month Post

I finally got my Birthday present and my Camera Bag. So the story on the birthday present is my husband ordered it, it got lost in transit and we had to turn a claim in on it and it finally arrived almost 2 months after my birthday!
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