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Being late to the party… oh wait, that’s me today! That is one of my pet peeves although there are days that I am late… oy!

Okay so I hate to admit this but I am a Grammar snob. Yes, I’m from SW MO and sometimes we don’t use the best grammar, me included but still… in my head I correct… or sometimes if it is me talking I correct out loud. Yes you read that correctly, I correct myself out loud in front of people.

When people put themselves first when speaking. It’s not me and blah blah are going somewhere, it’s blah blah and I are going somewhere. I know that makes me sound horrible and I don’t correct people, other than Tbug because I want her to learn it properly. Sometimes I correct some of my friends kids too, sorry! My mom and school teachers always did that to me… it’s kind of programmed into my head.

Then knowing when to use I and when to use me. If it is a picture and you are showing people, you say “Me.” The best way to know the difference… if there are more than one person in the sentence, remove everyone but yourself and say I and say me. Whichever one sounds best, that is what it is… ex: Stacy and I/me are going to the store. Remove Stacy from the setence and say I are (although you’d have to say am) going to the store. Me are (again replace with am, it’s singular) going to the store. I am going to the store sounds better, therefore it is Stacy and I are going to the store.

When people don’t pick up their feet when they are walking. You’re making a lot of unnecessary noise and wearing the heels off your shoes. Now there are times I trip myself up or flip flops are a bit of a different store, so I guess I’m going more with boots…

I feel like I’m complaining a lot. I’m not trying to. Me promise (ha!)

When I feel like I’m being badgered about something. And sadly I do this to my poor dear husband all the time… so that’s like calling the kettle black. Case in point: take those and throw them away. 2 weeks later it is still there. Ack! I’m guilty of this too. Sometimes when I ask him to do something (that was his mess to begin with) I leave it because I’m not a maid. Then I nag and get annoyed and so does he. Ah the joys of married life :).

Okay I could go on and on but I won’t. It makes me sound like a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad person and I try to be a good person. So Happy Wednesday and guess what… I was late for the party :).

Helene in Between

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