What Started Out As (Part 2)…

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Who would have thought that mowing a lawn would have turned into this?

When we were told to stay indoors and social distance… I felt like I was lucky. I live in the country. I can easily social distance outside… and I’ve done just that. Plus, when you own livestock, you can’t just ignore them! Whew! So I’ve made myself busy this year both by landscaping my house and then moving on to my parent’s house. I did convince my dad to help me. He might not have been as crazy about the idea though. haha.

I really didn’t have much of an idea, but my goal was to clean up my parent’s house and lay mulch like crazy. I love the way the red mulch looks.

There was quite a bit of trimming to do to different plants. I really didn’t add many new plants…

Except when it comes to this… I had seen something similar to this while I was online doing research. Then it was time to figure out how to execute it! My dad had 2 old wheelbarrows so I had choices. And I absolutely LOVE how this turned out. It’s my favorite part. Plus, as a joke, my dad refers to this as a shrine to my mom. A year ago June, my mom fell watering flowers in this area. Because of that, she’s now a part bionic woman as we claim. She has a titanium elbow.

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