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Shame on me, but I must admit…
A sad reality that I’ve dealt with for a while….
and aside from the fact I can’t wait to meet this baby girl…
I haven’t really enjoyed being pregnant.
I know there are a lot out there who can never experience this feeling,
And I try to make the best of it, I promise!
But with all the scares we’ve had, this has been quite overwhelming for me.
Thinking I miscarried twice, having extra testings done, and just plain worrying I’m doing it wrong,
Wanting to be one of the cute pregnant ladies, but feeling like a walking whale
Sadly my list could go on and on.

And just when I start to think I’m the only “un-pretty” pregnant person in the world,
someone tells me I’m pretty and I don’t look x-number months pregnant.
And I kind of smile.
I do love feeling her kick, punch or at times both.
It cracks me up to see my stomach do the “wave”.
The time she kicked daddy when we hugged.
I don’t ever want to forget all these feelings!!
But sadly I’ve put on a lot of weight,
My ankles have turned to cankles,
My hips hurt
And exercise is out of the picture.
Again, this list could go on and on but I won’t focus on the bad/sad.
One month from yesterday is my due date,
And I can’t wait to meet this baby girl. 
But baby girl, please be nice to me on delivery day!! 🙂

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