Need a Laugh??

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Boy, I sure do!  So I thought I would tell you my lovely interview story from getting my first job here where I work.  Trust me, you’ll thank me later 🙂

It was October 2006 and I got a tip off there was a job available out here so I put in my application and got the interview.  Woohooo!

I got the phone call for the interview at 9am on a Thursday morning.  They wanted me to come in on Friday afternoon.  Friday?  Seriously?  That was no good.  I had a part time job as a waitress and I actually, believe it or not, had to work Friday afternoon.  Well the HR person I had to interview with wasn’t “dressed” to give an interview on Thursday but asked if I would have a problem with that.  I told her of course not so my interview was set for that afternoon (Thursday) at 2pm.  Great, I’ll be there.

I thought I was doing good on time.  Walked out the door in a business suit and pantyhose (and that’s a feat, I don’t wear hose but my mom would have been so proud!), hair was done, make-up on, jewelry on (but not to much), and still 30 minutes to get to the office.  I go wheeling out my parents driveway and there was a dumb cow out.  Seriously?  Now?  Yup!

So I cross my car across the driveway so it can’t go out on the road, and as I’m walking back to open the gate my pantyhose start sliding down.  Crap!  This is why I don’t wear them!  So I proceed to pull them up and hear “Rip”.  Oh crap!  I get the cow back in the fence and start looking for the run.  Nope can’t find it anywhere.  I knew I wasn’t hearing things but whatever so I jump in my car and head for the office.

I get there, proceed to walk up the front walk to the front door and the pantyhose start sliding down again.  OMG seriously?  Ok so I grab them and pull up.  Yup they ripped again.  Ok breathe, just breathe.  So I get in there and Carissa is running late so I sat in the front office talking to the receptionist.  Finally Carissa comes through the door and apologizes for being late and asks how my day was going.  “Fabulous, but I think my panty hose are going to fall of.”  Doh!  Did I really just say that?  Yup!

She asked if we needed to stop by the restroom so I could take them off.  I told her No, my mother would be disappointed.  She said, “Well if they fall of just kick them in the corner and continue walking.  No one will notice.”

I went in and met with my potential boss, she walked me around the department introducing me to everyone and then she proceeded to walk me back to HR.  Once I was in Carissa’s office she again asked if I wanted to take my panty hose off in the restroom.  It was just across the way.  I told her no again, my mother would be upset if I did since I was on an interview.

I got offered the job and accepted pending a drug test.  (Like that would be a problem for me!)  So Carissa walked me to the front office and got me the form I needed to take to clinic for them to fill out.  Once we got to the front she again asked if I needed to run to the restroom to take my pantyhose off since they interview was over and I was hired (you know, pending the drug test).  I laughed and said no.  Then I said, “Let’s just see.”  I reached down, barely touched both knees on the pantyhose and they fell to the floor.

Carissa and the receptionist just looked at me and laughed.  I was like, see I knew they were falling down. So I kicked my feet out of my shoes and took them off and that’s when I saw the hole.  It was big enough for my fist to go through.  We were all surprised I didn’t have a run in the hose but I was good.  So…. Then I proceeded to look through the whole at the surveillance cameras.  Then the joke was, the guys watching were getting quite a show.

Needless to say, I threw them away, went and got my drug test over with, passed with flying colors and started work the following Monday.

The real kicker of this all, my [potential] boss never noticed if I was wearing hose or not.  And apparently she normally notices that type of thing.

Ok so hopefully you got a little laugh at me.

Peace, Love, and stupid moves 🙂

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  1. That is why I wear dress pants and a dress shirt to interviews 😛 I did chuckle, but being a chick, I know exactly what you went through!

  2. hee hee…too funny! Wonderful that you can laugh about it…and share with the rest of us!! 😀 Just wondering, though, if your boss actually DID notice but was just too nice to say so, since maybe she didn't want to embarrass you..?

  3. That is so funny! I think being honest and making people laugh sometimes is the best way. I once went to an interview as a black eye was developing (I fell that morning, no fighting!) but needless to say I didn't get the job. Enjoy your new job.

  4. We all have our moments…I hate pantyhose too – i normally wear leggings – they don't feel as tight and awkward.
    I once went into an interview in the middle of a BIG BIG SNOW STORM HERE IN OTTAWA and let me tell ya, I was not dressed properly…I went in with BIG SOREL WINTER BOOTS and dressed like I was going to Alaska. Anyways I forgot to bring an extra pair of flats or something and went into the interview with my big boots on…I apologized for this and they understood…I got the job but regarding my interview notes, the HR person interviewing suggested that I dress more properly…LIKE SERIOUSLY…i said i was sorry and i mean there was a big storm out there…anyways – that was three years ago and I am still here!

  5. You poor thing! Haha. Pantyhose can really be a pain sometimes but at least you got the job. The receptionist sounds like a sweetie too.

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