Did you show horses at my age??

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So our daughter (whoa, that’s still a hard one to get used to!!!) was over this weekend.  Something got brought up about riding horses through the parade and I made the comment that my dad’s horse Aloha would make it through one.  Then that got Tbug off on talking about riding Aloha through the parade and how it wasn’t fair that her daddy wanted to ride her and what would she ride and it went on and on and on until PC said Okay that’s enough!

Sunday PC and dad were out dragging logs out of the woods with the tractor and Tbug and I headed down to see what they were up to.  She was concerned when I told her to walk past the gate in the barn.
Tbug: “I can’t go out there.”
me: “Why not?”
Tbug: “Aren’t the buffalo out there?”

Now in her defense buffalo aren’t domesticated animals.  Ours aren’t mean but you just want to be careful so we always tell her not to go around them.
me: “No, they are actually locked up in that pen up there.”
Tbug: “So they can’t get me?”
me: “No.  You’re fine plus you are with me.  You can go anywhere.” 🙂
Tbug: “Aren’t the sheep out here?”
me: “Yes, are you afraid of the sheep?”
Tbug: “um… No????”

So she and I proceeded down to the bottom of the field where dad and PC were at.  Then she brought up that the horses were out.
me: “Well yeah, it’s Sunday.”
Tbug: “So it’s the sheep and the horses out in this pasture right?”
me: “No, they are over with the cattle.  It’s just the sheep and Joey (our llama)”
Tbug: “When am I going to get to ride again?”
me: “I dunno.”
Tbug: “Did you show horses when  you were my age?”
me: “I was showing horses before I was your age.”  [she’s 7]Tbug: “That’s no fair!”
me: “Well there’s a difference, my parents showed horses and I was around them all the time.”
Tbug: “My mommy said she doesn’t know anything about horses except what they eat.”
me: “Well this one and your daddy do.”

And of course the conversation went on.  But that got me to thinking… I’d pondered this a while now but I’m thinking if we work with her really hard, next summer I’d like to get her involved in some of the little horse shows around.  We don’t show pleasure horses at my house, we show cutting horses, but my dad’s mare [Aloha] would be great for that type of thing.

here are some photos of Tbug and Aloha from earlier this summer.  And don’t judge, we left her boots at our house and she wanted to ride.  The next best thing… tennis shoes.  The all around shoe 🙂

You can tell it was this summer, Bear was still with us.
In fact Bear went round and round and round and round, you get the picture.
We have to work with her to pay attention and stay on the rail.

We have our work cut out for us, but everyone has to learn somewhere at sometime 🙂

And we have to build her confidence to let go of the saddle horn.

Mudflap stayed on the sideline and watched.

He must have thought it was too hot. [it was July after all]

One of our big challenges is that she lives with her mother, so we don’t have every night to work with her, just every other weekend.

Oh and don’t forget to check out the “present“.  You have 4 more days 🙂

Peace, Love, & Summertime blues. haha {I’m ready for summer already.  I was up at 6am this morning chasing horses around the yard and it was flippin chilly :)}

0 thoughts on “Did you show horses at my age??

  1. sounds like fun (and a lot of work haha)
    PS Mudflap is GORGEOUS! I really want an Australian Shepherd but we don't have the room for him/her to run =/

  2. See, I don't know anything. I thought Tbug looked great! 🙂
    And I have to agree, Mudflap is a gorgeous dog. 🙂

    *hugs* on Bear. ♥

  3. 🙂 I want to ride horse! Its on my bucket list 🙂

    I rode once, but never alone! Ya'll are so lucky!

    Sorry I havent been by in a while.. I got caught up with your life the other day, but I have been SO busy! I miss you guys 🙂

    take care

  4. Not only does everyone have something to learn, everyone has something they can teach. I think it sounds like a wonderful way for you two to forge your new relationship – bonding over horses sounds lovely. Sounds like she might want to be a little bit like you.

  5. It's sooo cool you're introducing her to riding. I loved horses when I was growing up. I'd always wanted one, but growing up in the city it really doesn't work too well.

    Well, after all these years Mom and StepDad bought the family farm (200+ acres) from StepDad's brother and wouldn't you know it… they got a purebred Appaloosa with the deal, although she's not used to being ridden. Go figure.

    Stef at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime.com

  6. Wow…that is very cool. Hopefully you will be able to get her going next summer. That would be great.

    PS Love Mudflap…and the name!!

  7. Ok, it took me a minute cuz I'm all idiot city girl and all I could think was “OMG you have Buffalo on your property!” HOW COOL IS THAT?!!?

    I always wanted to grow up in the country and ride everyday like that. We used to go to the fair upstate and I'd see all the 4H kids and think how awesome it must be to raise an animal like that. I had a cat. LOL

  8. Nice mare. I found with my kids, they learned a lot more when it wasn't me teaching them. Odd how that worked

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