A Big Bucket of Love

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So as you are probably sick to death of hearing, I got married in September.  Well prior to getting married I went and met the Pioneer Woman at her cookbook signing in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  The next week after meeting her I was perusing around PW’s site and somehow wound up on Stef’s blog (Hi Stef).  I liked what she was talking about so we became bloggy buddies :).  She was so sweet because she found a set of John Deere baking ware and sent PC and me a wedding present.  If you are looking for a cute blog, jump over there!  Right now she’s remodeling her kitchen and telling about all the stress and headaches that are involved with it… Wow makes you want to ask yourself, do I really want to remodel??

A while back Lindsay at A Small Town Kind of Life (Hi Lindsay!!) was blogging about the craft night she held at her house.  They made these adorable necklaces. (she even gives detailed instructions on how to make your own, click on adorable necklaces ;))  Super cute!!  So I was teasing her asking her where mine was… she emailed me asking me for my address and low and behold she sent me one in the mail.  How stinking sweet is she!!! (She really is if you want to know the truth… oh and she just remodeled her kitchen too… check hers out for cool ideas as well!)  I couldn’t wait to wear it!  In fact I wore it the next day to work and got compliments!!  If you are looking for a cute blog, you should so go check her’s out!

Then my lovely friend Jacin at She Said Yes (Hi Jacin) recently sent out cute little presents for her beloved friends.  She is in love with mason jars and these are such little cuties she sent her goodies in!  Inside is none other than Pretzelies… and better yet, she gives detailed instructions on how you can make your own after all the ones she sent are gone (which didn’t take long at all!! Hello!!).  She also recently got married (in September) and started her blog as a way to keep her friends “back home” involved in the wedding planning process.  In the mean time she got nominated for a Real Bride Blog award which caused her to get ready to reveil some exciting new news… we’re all dying to see what she’s about to tell us coming up next week… if you are interested too, be sure to check her out!

With all the great blogs out there to read, I want to say thank you to all my loyal readers for reading mine!  I’ve always had a nack for writing… I had a journal when I was younger (boy is that fun to go back and read), I have a note notebook that my friends and I kept in high school (that’s a fun one to read also), I had penpals back before the world wide web entered into our lives (something like 60 at one time)… I even went to college to be an Agriculture Journalist (but changed to Ag Ed b/c it opened up more doors of opportunity)… so now I have my little blog.  But for what it’s worth, thank you all so very much for coming back to visit me each and every day.  I love meeting new people and building friendships from all over the world!  If it weren’t for this blog I wouldn’t have all of you who touch my life every day with your fun stories, fabulous pictures, cute posts and everything else that you fill your blogs with too!  So I know this turned all mushy and gushy but Thank you so much for being in my life!

Peace & Love
Happy Friday!!


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  1. Aw…you are so sweet! I'm so glad you liked the necklace and I am so glad to make it for you!! I am so glad that we have become “keyboard” pals! You have a great personality and I am so thankful to have “met” you. Great mushy post, made me very happy on a Friday morning!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. D jokingly makes fun of me for my blogging buddies. He's always like “what's up with _______ today” LOL But it's so funny cuz he knows almost everyone's names. LOL I wish we all lived closer so we could have a WeddingBee style meet up! 🙂

  3. PS – thanks for sharing the other links. I'm always looking for new blog. I LOVE the sink in Lindsays kitchen. I die. I've always wanted an apron front farmers sink. They're so gorgeous.

  4. It is a strange place this blogworld. You feel like you know people you've never met. I find myself telling my husband a story I read on a blog and he knows who I'm talking about even though he's never read them.

  5. Hi there, Nicole! Thanks so much for the shout out! I really appreciate the recognition. I love meeting new people and making new friends. I'm glad that Pioneer Woman brought us “together” even though we're really half the country apart!

    I feel bad because my posts have been so remodel centric. It has consumed my life… and is sooooo very exhausting… can't wait for it to be over. It's going to be really exciting on Monday! 😀 I'm not sure what I will write about? Oh yeah… I have a bunch of baking and cooking coming it… there will be loads of recipes and fun to share.

    I love reading your blog because it takes me away from my insane life. Thank you!

    Hugs from Oregon,
    Stef at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime.com

  6. Lots to catch up on! first your haircut is super cute ,way to go and for a great cause too, I love all your photos!and your blog is such fun to read. Go ahead and talk all you want about your wedding ! its was obviously a wonderful and special day (as it should be) and you have a great hubby, who I am sure adores you !

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