Metropolis – Weekend in a Nutshell

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Friday afternoon, 2:50pm, class got over and I hit the door running.  Usually I may linger, but not this particular day.  I had places to go, people to see and more like it, people waiting on me.  I took off to meet up with everyone so we could get on the road.  Generally I don’t eat lunch and just eat dinner early, but hubby told me to grab a bite to eat on my way to JT & AL’s house.  Things didn’t work out so well, so after I met up with them, we ran to Wendy’s and got Zebra Girl and myself a jr. bacon cheeseburger, then we were off to get Zebra Girl.

I was teasing AL that she had Van Coke.  At first I was confused but she explained it was Vanilla Coke.  Ok that makes sense 🙂 but the rest of the night we called it Van Coke.

We stopped at Poplar Bluff to grab a bite to eat and wound up eating at Dairy Queen then we hit the road again.

We stopped for gas at Sikeston and Zebra Girl started washing the windows since we had quite the bug collection going.  Hubby and JT followed along behind her to make sure she got them off and the windshield was clean for AL to drive :).

Finally we pulled in to Metropolis around 11pm.  AL dropped us off at the Super 8 and they went on to their hotel room at the Metropolis Inn.  Originally our group stayed at the Super 8, but they changed for this trip.  Sadly hubby and I booked through to work on a free nights stay and weren’t able to change hotels.  No biggie, it was just down the road, probably less than a block apart.

Our home for the next 2 days.

When we walked in to the room, we were greeted with a nice little area.  There was a table, microwave, refrigerator and the couch was a hide-a-bed.

The area between the “living” portion and the bedroom portion was the bathroom & Sink.  There was also a hidden door that would close the bedroom off from the rest of the room.

We got a King size bed.  I noticed that the tv in the bedroom portion was a flat screen and the tv in the living portion was an “old fashioned” box tv… lol.

We laid down and I’m pretty sure we were out the minute we hit the bed.

The next morning hubby got me up at who knows what hour and we got dressed and headed to the other hotel.  Everyone ate breakfast at the hotel.  There was Biscuits & Gravy, cereal and the white powdered donuts, coffee, juice and milk.

Then we were off.  Metropolis is about 15 miles roughly from Mermet Springs.

Mermet Springs is an old query that has been turned into a diving attraction.  That was our whole purpose for heading to Mermet Springs was an entire weekend of diving fun.  Diving as in Scuba Diving.  Oh and hubby and I were working on our first advanced diving certification of Wreck Diving.

We had a long day of diving.  Around 5pm we all left and headed back to Metropolis.  Zebra Girl fell asleep on the 15 minute car ride.  Sadly hubby misplaced his shirt so he got to head back to the hotels shirtless.  We later found it in his diving bag.

After everyone showered and got cleaned up we headed to Fat Edd’s Roadhouse for dinner.

After we left the restaurant we headed downtown to get our picture taken with Superman.

I also noticed that there was a wall paying tribute to our military for our Freedom!

Then we headed to Dairy Queen there in Metropolis for dessert!!  Yum!

Then we headed back to our hotels, hubby and JT pulled our Dive info off our computers and then we headed to bed.  Sadly, someone thought it would be a good idea to be up and at their hotel at 7am the next morning.  I’m sooo not a morning person so I think I might have been holding a grudge…. ya think?  lol.

We all decided to head to Hardees for breakfast instead of the hotel breakfast on Sunday morning.

We found the size of tank hubby needs.  They say as you become a more experienced diver you use less air for the same amount of time down, but for now, he could sooooo use a tank this size! 

We grabbed a bite to eat there at Mermet and then hit the road around 1-2pm.  I looked over and Zebra Girl was zonked out. 

Once we crossed the Ohio River….

Hubby and I zonked out too.

Next thing I knew, I woke up to JT saying something and the Denali had died.  Yup, we were 3 miles from the gas station outside of Dexter, MO and we ran out of gas.  Yehaw.  Luckily JT’s dad was in front of us so they ran to the gas station, got us a gallon of gas and brought it back to us.  Not the best way to wake up :).  Diver Girl had us taken care of!

Then we were closer Van Buren and we thought we might actually get rain.  Turns out, it was just enough to spot up the windshield/car.  Oh well.

At one of our stops along the way, we stopped at McDonald’s and Diver Girl thought it would be fun to put a straw on our antenna.  That sucker road all the way to Springfield when we finally took it off.

We stopped in Springfield at Red Robin for dinner.

And finally got back to JT & AL’s around 9:30, helped unload the Denali and headed off for our house.  It was such a fun weekend, but very short and very long at the same time… if you can make sense of that.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a great time! Makes me want to just go away for a weekend – stay in a hotel somewhere, eat out, just… get away!! It's been a long time since I've done that.

  2. Man, you guys have the best road trips! So adventurous! Love the pictures with giant Superman. My boys would love that! 🙂

  3. Wow what a great weekend, a lot more fun the my last weekend, in which I did bugga all………..I did got to a first birthday party for my niece but all in all I did very little. Saturday was spent watching baby Summer so very little I could do that day.

  4. Poor Zebra girls neck! lol ouchy and running out of gas? almost did that today, was chugging pulling into the station. Don't want to do THAT again.

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