Cheerleading & the Springfield Cardinals Game

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We started the morning off headed to Incredible Pizza.  When we got dressed, I had Tbug dress for warm weather but at 10:21am it was only 69 degrees which was incredible for July.  I love my heat, but this is extremely nice as well.

AL is on the board for the JYCA so it was funny because Hubby and Tbug kept asking her if she was “bored” since she was a “board member.”

After we left Incredible Pizza, AL, JT, their kiddo’s & Divergirl headed to the ball field.  Hubby and I ran an errand before we got there.  When we got there, we jumped in line with all of them.  The Cheer girls went over and did some warm up stretches and ran through part or all of their routine (I didn’t get to see it all so I’m not really sure).  Then Tbug and I walked 2 blocks to Walgreens to get some waters.  Even for being nice, we were still thirsty 🙂

Just before they opened the gates an ambulance showed up.  People were wondering if someone was hurt but for every game they need paramedics on scene in case something bad happens.

As we entered the gates, the first 2500 people received a statue.  All the kids also got ice cream sandwiches.  Look, it turned Tbug’s teeth brown… lol.  Waldy had it all over his fingers so we had to stop by a bathroom while he washed his hands.  Good thing because someone stopped Divergirl to sell her something so it gave her a chance to meet back up with us.

We had fabulous seats.  Then about the 2nd or 3rd inning a whole bunch of the cheer girls left so we were able to move even closer to the field.

I had Tbug pose while we were waiting on Waldy.

The Springfield Cardinals feed the St. Louis Cardinals and their team they were playing, Northwest Arkansas feeds the Kansas City Royals so it was kind of a Rival game.  It was also a GREAT game.

The JYCA started off the evenings festivities.

Then they had a gymnastics team from Waynesville, MO perform.

The only thing wrong with our seats was we were over the dugout for the other team, but it didn’t matter, we had GREAT seats!

I saw this kids face and loved it.

There were 2 different people who did the opening pitch of the game.  She was the second.

D the Man was a few rows in front of us and he threw a box at Divergirl that still had marinara sauce in it.  Woops!

The Pop Up Challenge had kids at the far end of the field trying to catch a flying ball.  If they did, they won Domino’s Pizza.

They also had an Instagram contest going on.  We were to tag our photos with #sgfgrams to enter the contest.  We had to submit before the 6th inning.  This was one I submitted but Divergirl was telling me what to put, what to type, etc.  Sorry boys, I still prefer my hubby’s rear 🙂


You can’t go to a ballpark without ballpark food, right?  Nachos, Funnel Cake, popcorn & not pictured, a pretzel with cheese.  No, this wasn’t all eaten by the same person!!

My love.

Like Zebragirl’s new teeth?  They were Yogurt covered Raisins.

At the end of the game, the kids got to run the bases.  They entered at 1st base and ended at home plate.

I felt bad for the guy who was getting covered by the sprayers out in outfield.  Oh and there was one little boy who tried to run to outfield.  It was cute.

Hubby and JT caught up to us and he walked up and said, “I went to a baseball game and got a quarter back.”  Look in his hand… lol.  Nut!

And I thought it was great.  As we were leaving to go home, it was 7 minutes later but the same temp as when we went up, except 12 hours later 🙂

Such a fabulous day, oh, and the Cardinals won 6 to 5!!

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