What’s up with the Crazy Weather?!?!

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Here we are approaching the 2nd Anniversary of the Joplin Tornado.  A tornado that did major devastation to my part of the country and yet we’re not the only part of the country that is hurting.  Just yesterday Moore Oklahoma was hit by an EF5 tornado.  I have a college friend and her husband who live in Moore.  She said they were okay and that their house was 1000 feet from being taken out by the tornado.

I really am starting to wonder why Mother Nature is so upset lately.  Is it just me and the fact that I’m older so I pay more attention, or is the weather becoming crazier?  Can anyone shed some light on that?

So Sunday afternoon we were headed to pick my mom up from her work trip to Germany.  She was in Germany 2 years ago when the Joplin tornado hit.  She found out by watching International news and calling my dad at 1am to chew him out for not telling her what was going on.  I tried to call her but dad said it would be the middle of the night and that he’d call her first thing in the morning.  Just so happens our mornings here started 7 hours after her morning there.  Rude awakening for everyone involved.  Then mom called me at work to chew me out for not making dad call her.  My phone call came in at 10am.

Anyway, they were calling for bad weather.  This is what the sky looked like just before we left to head for the airport.

Which was a bit eery seeing as though this was the predicted forcast for the evening.

We made it to the airport to pick up my and then headed to dinner.  This was one of the first times we’d eaten at Zio’s in quite a while it hadn’t rained, or so we thought. 

Don’t count your Chickens before they hatch. Just because it hadn’t rained while we were eating dinner, doesn’t mean we didn’t get caught up in a rain storm on our way home.

So the next morning mom called to see if I wanted to go to town with her and I said sure. I should have paid more attention to my surroundings. As I was driving to their house (back roads) I thought it sure looked like a war zone. Then I rounded one of the corners and saw a tree down across the road. I called my contact on the road crew to make sure they were aware that there was a tree down and I was informed that there was huge damage a couple miles from my house and that they were busy cleaning up the debris over there, but they’d let someone know.

So the day went on and I went to town with my mom. Then I came home and my father in law was at my house helping us clean up our pool area. About the time I got home the rain came. So we stood and chatted for a while, then when it was apparent that it wasn’t going to end for a while, he packed up and went home. I came in the house to call my mom to tell her something when she asked if I was watching the TV. I told her no and she informed me of the horrible damage to Moore, OK.

Our internet was acting a bit wacky so I went outside to try and get better reception on my cell phone and was trying to send pictures out when I noticed our field looked funny, so the dogs and I went walking down through it to check it out. Earl then informed me that a confirmed EF1 hit our town last night and that it basically went straight through our field.

The extremely scary part of this whole ordeal… I was walking around our house when this thing was hitting. And I heard a funny noise but couldn’t quite place what was going on. It was 12:50ish at night, dark as all get out. Extremely crazy right? Yeah….

So I’m wondering… what did we do to really upset Mother Nature?

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