Sun… er Saturday Night Dinner – A style

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Welcome to Sunday Saturday Night Dinner this week. 

I saw a blogpost earlier this week on how to do “the poof” and I gave it a shot.  I’m not really sure I achieved the look.  I posted this on instagram hoping someone would tell me if it looked ok or not (it’s a bad photo!) but no one commented.

This week it was at JT’s parents house since it was A’s birthday.  JT’s dad, D the Man made this fabulous chicken.  You have no idea how good this fried chicken was and I sooooo want the recipe.

Sides were green beans, corn/cream cheese, mashed cauliflower and potatoes.  Yum!

Earl was making fun of Pokey for the new name he gave himself, Pokell.  Haha at least it wasn’t me that gave him this new name.  I’m good at that :).

D the Man’s wife, C made these awesome strawberry dessert.  It was strawberry pie filling with angel food cake and it was just yummy.  Take my word for it.  Then Earl made chocolate cream pie and raspberry chocolate cream pie.  Again, YUM.  Yes I tried both… shame on me!

Now, A’s birthday is on Tuesday, so this was our get together for her birthday as well.  She got lots of fun things too. 

While she was opening her presents, a bunch of us have iPhones and the weather channel app on our phones.  We had warnings going off all over the house for Severe Thunderstorm warnings and watches going on.  We stepped outside and this was the sight we saw.  Now D the Man and C live over in the neck of the woods just on the outskirts of where the tornado took out entire neighborhoods back in 2011, so people are on edge these days when this stuff comes around.

But what kind of a blogger would I be if I didn’t get pictures.  I also took video but I didn’t include it.  A lot of the people in the house are on the local search and rescue team so JT got his walkie talky out and listened to what the storm watchers were saying.  They were talking about rotation and we’re pretty sure we saw some, but no tails came down.  However we were pelted with hail.

Finally we all got the common sense to go back in the house.  After we left, a bunch of us went out to celebrate some more…  As we were driving the photo on the left showed the sky.  It was crazy that we were surrounded with dark clouds with patches of blue sky showing here and there.  It was also pouring down rain might I add.  The Casey’s Parking lot just down the road was flooded.

And of course there are group photos for all to see 🙂  Although I have no idea what hubby is looking at and I have demon eyes!  So does Mr. T’s eyes.  Crazy! 

And as the guy went to take the second photo, a bunch of them were singing.  I can’t remember the song we were singing now.

So there you have it, you just never know what Saturday/Sunday night dinner‘s will consist of.  It keeps us guessing too.

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0 thoughts on “Sun… er Saturday Night Dinner – A style

  1. first yum i want to come to dinner and second wow those are some serious rain clouds really cool that you got a great shot of them. oh and happy Birthday to A

  2. Oh wow, you had quite the weekend! Love all the pics. The pic of the dark clouds and the blue peeking through was an awesome capture 🙂

  3. Oh that rain looks wonderful!!! We still need it badly…

    I think your hair looks good! I've not mastered the poof yet either much to my chagrin!

  4. Your hair looks great! I can never get my poof right either. I feel like once I start putting bobby pins in, it falls. My hair is so thin, I think that may be my problem.

    Mmm, all that food looks so delicious! Especially the fried chicken. When you get the recipe, be sure to share on your blog 🙂

  5. You guys seriously always have the best meals with tons of food! Glad there weren't any tornados. My town got destroyed by an F-5 when I was in 4th grade, so I totally understand being on the edge after it.

    Crazy how much rain you got

  6. Emmy is right, you have some great food in your posts! I love exciting weather– like LOVE IT so those pictures are fun to me. Looks like ya'll had a great celebration together!

  7. Stormy night that is for sure! Demon eyes are not quite as bad as glarey glasses lol What a good time 🙂 Nothing like hanging out with friends.

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