Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall

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Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the Kings Horses and all the Kings men,
Couldn’t put Humpty back together again.

So one of my friends from College, Doti, lives here in my hometown.  How awesome is that?  I don’t think she and I take as much advantage of that as we should, but it’s still really cool!

Now Doti collects Salt and Pepper Shakers.

I so stole this from her blog… just sayin 🙂

When I saw this I knew I had a set at my parents house that I would give her to add to her collection, not really knowing if they would fit into her collection or not, but thought it was worth a shot.  I was so excited although I kept leaving them at my parents house.

Sunday I called my momma up and asked her if she’d bring them to me at work (we work at the same place) and then I made arrangements with Doti to take them to her house after I got off work.

Sad to say one of them didn’t make the trip to work :(.

My mom felt bad.  I told her it was ok.  I hunted down some super glue and tried to piece it back together but for whatever reason the super glue wouldn’t hold it together.  I’m not going to lie, I was sad, especially after I made arrangements with Doti to get it to her.

So I sent her a message with this sad photo… the loner.

I don’t know why it is discolored there….

I guess now I’ll just be on the lookout to find her an even better one. 

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  1. This reminds me… When we cleaned out my Grandma's house, my brother joked about taking this old little salt & pepper shaker set that were two deer – and Amanda was like, “um, no, we don't need those…” So I took them to give him as a gag gift sometime. They must be packed away somewhere, I totally forgot to give them to him!! LOL!!

    So sweet of you to think of your friend – I'm sure she still appreciates that!!

  2. How sad! This reminds me. I was telling my mother in law about you over the weekend, since her older sister lived(she passed away) in Joplin. Her kids still live there. Anyway, I was saying how you live outside of Joplin and she said oh does she live in Carthage, that is where Precious Moments is. Anyway, the salt and pepper shakers, reminded me of figurines. Anyway I just kind of thought it was neat, that we kind of have some connection. haha 😉

  3. I so DID appreciate it! It made my whole day Nicole that you even thought about me! Little loner can go with what I like to call “The Singles Lounge” lol Love you!!!

  4. I bet your mom will be looking for a replacement. That's what my mom would do. But in all honesty, I'm the one that breaks things around here. I think I'm cursed! It was a very sweet thought and I'm sure your friend was touched!

    Thanks for linking up, girly girl!

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