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Sorry, I try to keep my work life out of my blog life because well for one… no one wants to hear about work, for two this is my space and three… my job sucks.

I hate getting up in the morning to have to come to work.  I hate sitting here all day.

Why you might ask?

Because, like a lot of people, I’m  underpaid, under appreciated actually just unappreciated and they don’t give a rats ass about what I do or if I’m here.  If it wasn’t me, they’d find someone else in a heart beat.

A year ago I went to my boss and told him I wanted more.  In fact I applied for another position within our department.  Well, truthfully, that was my first mistake.  No one wants to move someone in their department because then they have to hire for the position you’re leaving.

In the end they told me I couldn’t have the job because of what I currently make, this position pays way hirer and our company doesn’t allow that kind of pay increase so I’d have to take this high demand job for lower pay.  I was told that they’d get me into a different position and work me up so eventually I could have this job.  Plus, they quit hiring for it because there was no money.

The guy who left, the job I applied for, I’ve wound up taking up the slack on that job.  I do a lot, not all albeit but a lot of what he did for absolutely NO pay increase.  Keep in mind, there is no money, right?!?!

That was a year ago… ask me if my job or pay has changed.  The answer to that is no, btw.  So in the last 6 months probably things have really upset me.

I was put under the supervision of another guy as opposed to our big boss, yet no where is it written that way and my big boss still has to approve all my paychecks/vacation/etc so I don’t quite understand, but whatever.

One lady in our department decided she only wanted to work 4 days per week having Friday’s off.  They approved that but made her take a 20% cut in pay.  I guess that’s only warranted.  oh by the way, that frees up money, why don’t you give me a pay increase because on Friday’s, when she’s out, I have to pick up her slack too.

But get this… about 2-3 weeks after she got the 4 days per week granted, she got a job promotion.  With a job promotion comes more money.  Maybe it’s just the 20% she took, or… maybe not, I don’t know.  Plus she and 2 other guys got iPhones.  But remember our department doesn’t have any money.

Then… they’ve hired on half of 2 individuals.  Our department pays half of their salary and another department covers the other half.  I’m sure their half we pay is more than what I make… and that wasn’t already spoken for, so obviously the “We don’t have any money” is a line of bullshit, pardon my language.

So in August I noticed they were hiring for the position again I applied for last summer.  They were trying to do it secretly obviously, but I found out.

So back in August I was sent on my first company trip.  The week before I was to go out a lot of crap went down and so I went in to the guy I’m supposed to report to and asked him just what was the purpose of me going on this trip.  They’ve made it obvious that week I wasn’t going to get promoted and I’ve been treated more and more like pond scum as this last year has progressed.

When I brought this up, I was told that I had a sucky attitude.  That I needed to do all the work that was presented to me, which by the way I do, and in a timely manner, which I do.  All this stuff I “need to work on” is weird.  They couldn’t give me examples of where I fail and then they proceeded to tell me that they’ll be watching me the next several months.  Not for a promotion, no just so I can keep my job the way it is.

I’m extremely confused by all of this to say the least.  I have basically been spit on by everyone in my department.  They treat me like I am to do all their grunt work and that I’m dumb.  That’s what upsets me the most.  There hasn’t been anything I’ve been asked to do that I haven’t figured out if I didn’t know immediately.  You don’t realize how bad I just want to cry!

And what really gets to me is I’ve been complimented on all these things I’ve done, all these things I’ve figured out, etc, yet what I do isn’t good enough.  What I do, that they couldn’t do, isn’t good enough.  You have no idea how upset and confused I am by all of this.

I came here from a department in the company that was extremely trying.  When I left it was referred to as the Shark Tank for good reasons.  That’s why most people leave that department.

I think the real icing on the cake for today’s post though, was when I got here, first one here btw, there was a paper sitting on the fax.  One someone in our department sent out.  And you know what it said?  A person’s name and new employee forms.  So there you have it, they’ve hired a new employee.

If you stuck it out with me to this point, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for ragging or being a debby downer or whatever… You have no idea how sick to my stomach I am about all of this.  I was told in that meeting back in August that I was “Just paying my dues.”  I’ve worked for this company 6 years in October and 3 years in this department and I’m still at “just paying my dues”, really?  That’s all they think of me?

I know that there are a lot of people out there who feel the way I do.  Under or un appreciated.  over worked.  And that makes me sad.  For what it’s worth, I’m sorry!  I know your pain!

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  1. I think anyone in your position would have a similar attitude. I've been there and it makes you extremely jaded. I'd be updating my resume and give them the boot. They'll miss you when you're gone!

  2. I'm so sorry you're going through this my friend. I hope there's a light at the end of the tunnel and they start appreciating you 🙁

  3. That really sucks. 🙁 I know how you feel, I felt sick to my stomach and cried every morning when I had to go to work at my last job. Granted, I was only there 6 months, and then my “dream job” opened up for me here. If I were you, I'd be looking for something else. No one should have to feel that way every day going to work. You should love your job!

  4. Hugs, doing your best to no appreciation is horrible and the line of crap they have fed you is just that. Promotions and pay increase? yup they go together. hang in there , and keep eyes open for other opportunities

  5. That sucks. BIGTIME. Is there no company wide HR you can talk to? I have been at my job for a little over 6 years now…. I am almost to the point of finding a new one. I like my job… I just am greedy… I want more $$$.

  6. Oh girl I am so sorry! That really sucks- no one should be treated like that, especially someone who has worked for a company for so long.

  7. Oh man I feel the same way! I work with all engineers, the majority of them went to 4 years of college the rest, just have work experience. Anyway I started working here 3 years ago as a document clerk. I know do that and drafting and modeling, which is more than the rest of them do. There is one person who just does drafting and then the rest model. I do both and then I am also in charge of all documentation. I am still expected to get the same amount done as they do.
    We have been on a pay freeze for 2 1/2 years. That means I make the exact same as when I started. Which is roughly half of what everyone else makes! A couple of weeks ago I was called into my bosses office, because he wanted to bring up some issues that he has noticed pretty much where I am slacking lately. He told me that I can't have my breakfast at my desk unless it is my break time(everyone does) I can no longer come in early and take that time off of when I leave on Friday. We had come to this agreement when I came back from maternity leave, so it helped out my mom a little. There were a bunch of other nit picky things that I can't remember right now. Anyway I left his office crying because I was so pissed off. Chris was ready to come and kick his ass! I am so tired of this. Oops now my boss just sent me a nasty email about something that was fine last week and now is crap.
    At my last goals meeting I told him that I didn't know what to do for 3 new goals and I was tired of coming up with them. He told me maybe I should go find something that makes me happy. I think I am going to take his advice!
    Sorry for the novel, this post just really hit home today.

  8. I seriously want to create a site (bet someone already has) where you can throw darts at your boss. Or whomever you happen to be mad at. Safe and totally legal therapy. So sorry gal. I would be glad to put on my 3 inch high heel boots and plant one of them firmly into their arses!

  9. I was going through a similar situation when I worked for the drug store. I tricked myself into thinking for so long that I needed that job and that I somewhat liked it. I hated it and I felt the same way you do about everything. One day I finally just decided it was time to go. Now, I'm doing a job I love and I feel so much better about life. I'm sorry that's happening to you, I know how you feel and it sucks. Hope it gets better for you, I don't want to give you advice because everyone's different and different things work for different people but maybe it wouldn't hurt to start looking for other jobs? I do hope things get better though!!

  10. So sorry for what you are going thru. Is there anyone that you can talk to? HR or have you already tried that? My last job towards the end was like that. I love it in the beginning, but then management changed, my job changed and I was given more and more work but the pay never really changed. I honestly loved what I did…jsut hated the new management and how i was being treated. It got so bad I seriously though about quitting. After a couple years of this the couple went bankrupt and everyone lost their jobs. Not the ending I ever wanted but it was such a relief to have that chapter of my life over with. I do hope you find you solution and relief. I know at times it just feels good to vent.

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  11. I'm so sorry girl! You deserve more than that! I'm having trouble at work too, but it's girl trouble. I hope that either your company changes it's mind or you find another job!

  12. Oh wow – your company does not sound like a good place for you at all. I know it's easy to say than do – but you really need to start looking elsewhere for a new, challenging job. You are educated, have good work experience and hopefully would be marketable in your area. I'd say it sure wouldn't hurt to start looking at this point. In the interim, as hard as it is, the best thing is just to show up and do your job to the best of your ability.

    I have hit rough patches at my work (afterall I've been here 18 years) and I finally had to accept that a promotion/transfer wasn't in the cards here for me. My boss had become to reliant on me and was not about to let me go. I know the lack of a raise is extremely frustrating, but hopefully, they will change that soon.

    I send hugs to you though – I know sometimes you just need someone to tell you it's all right to be angry. And you are right to be angry 🙁

  13. Geez your company sounds like they need to get their head out of their ass and recognize and appreciate all you do for them. Sounds like you need to either sit down with the boss and get a pay raise or get a better job where you will be acknowledged for your hard work. Sorry you are having to deal with all that extra stress 🙁

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