Boat Show

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Every year in Pittsburg there is a boat show and from what I gather, every year our dive shop we dive with goes to attend. They take not only their SCUBA stuff, but also kayaks. Well this year we had a rainy day and didn’t have much to do, so we decided to go over and check out the boat show.

We laughed because we beat Deb & Grady there and just walked into the booth and ran it like it was our own 😁. Not many people would know anything different other than I wasn’t wearing an ESS shirt, but hubby was. I did have my ESS sweatshirt on though. We joked that wouldn’t it be funny if people did that all the time… walk in and just start manning a booth that didn’t have anyone in it.

This also was the day that Abug informed us she was ready to dive. Poor girl… you have 8 years… I guess technically 7 1/2 before you can get certified. So we already started planning a trip to Cozumel for her 10th birthday so she can get certified in the Ocean. haha. Leave it to us… plan a trip 7 1/2 years down the road as long as it was a trip to the ocean, right? who’s with me?

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