Happy 1 Month, Happy Anniversary & Marriage Advice

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Back on May 12, Lindsay (Hi Lindsay) got married!  Again, I’d like to send a congrats to her… this coming Tuesday will be 1 month!  Hopefully life is treating her well!
She asked me to guest blog while she was on her honeymoon.  I was delighted!  When I asked her what she would like me to post about, she suggested Marriage advice.  I shared this post with her & her readers back on Monday May 14.
Today, would have been my grandparents anniversary; they would have been married 62 years.  It’s hard to believe that they were married longer than they were single.  My grandpa passed away, hard to believe!, 2 years ago this November.
But in honor of Lindsay’s new marriage and my grandparents anniversary, I thought I would share with you the advice I shared with Lindsay’s readers, in case you didn’t make it over there last month.


Hi friends of Lindsay!  Hope all is well with you!  I’m Nicole

and I blog over at Life’s a Beach, because seriously don’t we all kind of secretly wish we were on one?  No, just me?  Ok :).  I was thrilled when Lindsay asked if I’d do a guest post while she was on her honeymoon which I know she’s having a blast on!  So when she asked, I said yes, but asked if there was anything particular she’d like me to blog about.  She suggested Marriage advice.

Hmm… Marriage advice.  I’ve only been married for about a year and a half, so I may not be the BEST advice giver, but I’ll share what I’ve learned so far.

Someone told me just before I got married that the way you react through wedding planning and especially on your wedding day will set the mood for your marriage.  That right there is a real thinker!

  • Planning of the wedding: I was calm, cool, and relaxed {not really how I pictured myself being} and pretty much had everything done fast so the process leading up to wedding day was relaxed.
  • Rehearsal/dinner: Other than a bit nervous, I giggled and laughed, and even through my mother in law to be a surprise birthday cake surprise.
  • Wedding day: I giggled.  I giggled from the minute I woke up that morning through getting my hair done to the actual ceremony itself.  I giggled all day long.

But don’t be fooled… I’m not going to lead you to believe marriage is all butterflies and rainbows and roses.  I think marriage is fabulous, but we have our share of bumps in the road.

Now you may think I’m crazy in saying this, but the bumps in the road actually are a good thing.  They build character.  They help you find your groove.  They help you build a strong foundation.  They teach you to rely on each other when you might not have in the beginning.

A lot of emphasis is placed on the wedding and making sure everything is perfect, but truthfully, place more emphasis on the marriage, because the only person who will know the details of the wedding weren’t perfect is you.

And your first year of marriage can go one of 2 ways…

  • You can be in the honeymoon phase so it’ll be all butterflies, roses & rainbows – and then reality hits like a freight train…….
  • Reality of living with someone will hit like a freight train, you’ll get over that period and move on to the fun part.

Either way… Marriage is a blast, so just hold on and take every day as a team and run full force at it. Take the good with the bad with the pretty with the ugly, because that’s what makes a very well rounded marriage.

So that’s my advice.  Life is like a roller coaster, ups, downs and all arounds, marriage is no different!  Hang on, have fun, and enjoy the ride!

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  1. I've never thought about comparing how you act during the planning compared acting in the marriage but I think that's true! Life and marriage are full of hard things but thankfully there are SO MANY good and wonderful moments.

  2. My two year is on Tursday. My marriage advice….separate checking accounts! We never fight about $ this way, and for me ut just makes life easier if I dont have to explain to someone how its possible to spend so much $ on ny animals lol

  3. YAY! 1 month tomorrow! Very exciting! Thanks for the shout out! Married life so far has been everything I had hoped for and more! xoxo

  4. I remember this post- loved it then love it now.
    I have thought about putting some of my guest posts on my own blog- mostly because I get my blog printed every year and don't want to miss those posts.

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