Team of Goats

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Yes you read the title right…. a team of goats.

We went to the sheep & goat sale last night.

Now you should know, I’ve had goats before.  I’m not real crazy about goats.  I prefer sheep.  But!!!  Kid goats (which are the babies) are absolutely adorable.  And really I prefer the Boer Goats, which are meat goats, not milk goats!


So while we were sitting at the sheep and goat sale last night, my dad and hubby tried to buy me 2 goats.  They were Boer at least, but they tried none-the-less.

They wanted me to hook them to a cart and train them to pull. 

Then hubby was cute and said, then you could buy grass instead of gas to go to work, and since you always say grass is free, it’s a win win.

But then he pointed out, “Better hope that grass doesn’t turn into gas on your way.”

This ladies & gentlemen is my life :).  But I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Happy Friday!

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