Roll Call

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It’s about time we do roll call of the horses… Make sure they all show up… it’d be terrible if they were late or tardy or worst of all not present!!!!

First up, Squirty, you here?

Leave me alone, I’m not a morning person

Ok, yep she’s present.

Next: Mini-Me?

Are you going to seriously let me outside to play???? huh huh huh huh huh???????

Calm down, where’s your Ritalin?

Ok KG?

huh? Did you call my name?

Present will work but ok moving on…

Aloha, here today?

yes? May I help you? What are you doing on the ground???



nom nom nom

No eating in class… boy don’t you look like Mr. Ed. I think I see a resemblance…

ok anyway moving on: Munchkin


Again eating…. boy what else would I expect I guess….



How Rude!!!! Wait who is that on the other side of Cricket?

hello, do you have a name?? Hey hey you on the other side of Cricket… what’s your name? Quit ignoring me I know you can hear me…..

Who me? I’m Sis

Oh, that’s right, you’re Prince Charming’s mare. You came over to hang out with Munchkin for a spell. How are you liking your new temporary living arrangements?

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