Since Last Friday

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So a lot has happened since last Friday.  I’m bringing you my last week via instagram (mostly, there’s a couple screen shots in there).  This is how my last Friday morning started out.  I thought this sky was gorgeous.  Then the clouds moved in and it rained.

Saturday morning on our way to my parents house to go ride, we passed a cow scratching its back on a hay rake.  It was awesome and we stopped in the middle of the road to see it.  I almost took a picture but I didn’t.  It makes me sad.

Then we got on horseback, while it was cold, and rode for a while.  Then we rode down the road to my grandparents pasture, went and rode in the field and then headed off to the woods.  Eventually we crossed the creek.  Tbug’s first time to ride across the creek.  Then I almost dropped my cell phone in the creek because my fingers were so COLD that I could hardly get my phone back in my pocket.  Lucky for me, they finally worked!  Whew.

By the time we got back to my parents house, I couldn’t feel my toes so I went in the house and stood on the vent for a while and then went and kicked my feet up for a bit.

Morelli isn’t spoiled! {said in the most sarcastic voice possible.}  He sleeps on a blanket in my parents house and doesn’t move.  He knows if he leaves “his spot” he goes back out in the cold.

Sunday would have been my Grandma S’s birthday.  She passed away on 9/11/07.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years almost now.  So a tradition that PC and I started was to go to eat at Red Lobster every year on February 5th in honor of my grandma.

On the way, Tbug was playing “Pocket Potions” on my cell phone.  She created some potion.  I have no idea what the game is or what you do or anything.  Then while at lunch my phone vibrated and this is the message I got.  I cracked up laughing.

Afterwards we went back to the house.  My dad and PC loaded up hay for dad’s cattle while mom folded my laundry and decorated my “football” cakes for our Superbowl Sunday party.  I studied for an A&P 2 test.  Sad to say that test kicked my butt on Monday :(.

Then we went to our friends house for a party.  Now when Tbug found out we were going to a party she was friggin excited.  We’re like, um…. it’s nothing special, just the same Sunday Night crowd, just at a different house.  But the party was all we heard about all weekend long.  Once we got there, she was shy and almost wanted nothing to do with anyone at first.

Eventually I walked in and started “watching” the game but mostly I was studying my notes and moving so A could go to her daddy.

Studying didn’t do me so well though :(.

Monday right before lunch my phone vibrated.  I checked to see if it was a text message and this is what I got.  That silly Pocket Potions game was talking to me again….  I haven’t gotten another one since, I guess it must have given up on me :).

On top of having an A&P 2 lecture test on Monday, I had a lab test on Wednesday.  OMG that one kicked my butt too.  I swear I thought A&P 1 was going to be the death of me, but this one is harder.  I refuse to let it kill me though, so wish me luck!

So there you have it.  My week in pictures… sort of.  Obviously a lot more happened, but this is what I got for ya. 🙂  Hope y’all have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I don't know nothin' 'bout no Instagram. I don't think my phone is smart enough. Probably just as well. I had the most marvelous A&P professor long ago and far away. He's most likely dead now. Just thought I'd throw that in. Happy weekend.

  2. I am totally dying with those messages. I have a dino pet on mine and it pops up and says dino misses you. But those are awesome! hahaha. How did you get that font! I want it. I have the iPhone4 will it work with that? 😛 So glad you did not drop your phone! Yikes.

  3. That sky was really gorgeous…and, how I would looove to try horseback riding in such a beautiful place!

    Best of luck with all of your schoolwork…hang in there!!

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