Family Reunions

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As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, last Saturday we went to Roaring River for PC’s mom’s family reunion. Here are just a few shots from there, and please don’t ask me names, I failed that portion of the quiz 🙂

The horse was there because they were going trail riding after they left the reunion.



Me, Tbug and Memaw

It was slightly chilly but not cold so when Tbug said she didn’t want to wear her sweatshirt it wasn’t too big of a deal.

This horse cracked me up! He was 26 years old… That’s fairly old for a horse!!

We really liked this silhouette photo.

The horse was happily grazing.

This little dog was cool! He loved playing fetch. His owner (again names and relation I’m lost) said that he had to hide the bone and hope the dog forgot, otherwise all he wanted to do was play catch. He was good too!

This is PC’s aunt and her grandson.


Oddly enough, we didn’t get very many photos from the reunion. After we did our mini photo shoot we put the camera away. haha… I know smart, right 🙂

Peace, Love & fun times!

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  1. Sometimes, I have to make myself put the camera away. I seem to enjoy things more! Looks like you guys had a blast. 🙂

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