Stressed Out & Some Photos

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Do you ever get stressed out?

I mean like rip roaring mad, stressed out…?


You’re telling me I’m alone?

Well I guess I’m not b/c I don’t quite get rip roaring mad 🙂

I do however have a mouth like a sailor sometimes…. woops.  I’ve been told to blame it on my grandfather, my mother, my Greek roots, lots of things… sometimes I’ve been told to blame it on the fact that you learn how to cuss when you’re 16 years old and start driving.

I’ve been working on this.  Working real hard.  In fact trying to get the Fbomb out of my language all together.

I also make it a point NOT to swear around kids… yeah sometimes it slips, but not very often.  Doesn’t matter if it’s my kid, their kids, your kids, her kids, his kids, it doesn’t matter…. even if other people are swearing around the kids, I try NOT to.

Anyway….. I think I’m off topic…. Stressed out… ok back….

Whatever the case is… sometimes I get stressed out.

Yesterday and Last night both contributed to last night.

I’m having to wash all our dishes.  Long story, I don’t want to talk about it… but part of it is b/c milk got left in the container in the sink…. yeah that’s just part of it :).  We won’t go into further details.  So anyway I keep unloading cabinets right into the dishwasher and then back into the cabinet.  I haven’t seen my cabinets in a couple days… that’s stressful enough.  I feel like a bad wife!

On a positive note, I made homemade apple sauce (before I had to wash all my dishes :)) and it puts the store bought stuff to shame!  Shame I tell ya!

Anyway back to yesterday, I worked on the same project at work most of the afternoon.  It took me with the help of 4 other people at different times to figure things out.  No, I’m not that dumb and slow… I just stared at it long enough I needed more eyes to look for what I was missing and then they had to call in more people.  It was fun :).

When you take over a project someone else was working on, then they leave and you get it… you have to figure out just what in the world were they thinking!

I then came home to the dish mess and Anatomy & Physiology homework.  YUCK!  I thought Monday & yesterday were supposed to be fall break… but oh no… I had to work on dumb homework both nights.  By the time husband got home (he was in a meeting until later) I was cussing up a storm b/c I wasn’t finding the answers I needed.  I guess at one point I stood in the living room and yelled “F*** It! F*** It! F*** It!” to which later last night hubs said, I’ve known some pretty crass people but I’m not sure one of them would yell F*** It 3 times in a row like that.  They’d interchange it with other words too.

Listening to him say that and almost on the point of mocking me made me giggle.  I took a shower and settled back in on working on homework.  I was finally done about 10:30 or so.

Now I just have to finish tonight’s homework, which is taking my food diary from the first week of Nutrition and finding fat grams for everything I ate.  Fun… So a woman is only supposed to have 30 fat grams per day.  A man can have up to 40 grams of fat per day.  That’s it…. um… an avocado,  if you eat the whole thing is great when it comes to fiber, 17 grams, but bad when it comes to fat grams…. 27-31 depending on the type.  Anyway that’s what the teacher told us.  Yeah more useless trivia there.  Sorry 🙂

Guess I’ll leave you with these photos 🙂

Ah to be young again and worried more about learning my multiplication tables than this A&P stuff… letting my parent’s pay for things and wash the dishes…   That was the day! 🙂

Happy Hump Day!

0 thoughts on “Stressed Out & Some Photos

  1. Are you sure we aren't related some how or your not spying on me or something? I swear, sometimes I read stuff and I literally say, “no way” out loud! I am bad cusser. From growing up on the farm with 40 or so guys it's become a bad habit! And..I made homemade apple sauce on Sunday! I was given a huge bag full and I have been eating homemade apple sauce all week! What a difference compared to the store bought stuff, amazing! And don't be stressed….take it one minture, one hour and one day at a time! xo
    P.S that was a long comment! lol

  2. I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. I can totally relate to them. Tell PC that you're not the only one to drop it three times in a row. I've done it when I was super pissed. Then if I am at work near a friend who uses it a lot I'll get caught up in the moment… then there's a friend going through a divorce from a bad guy (asked her if she knew what a “murder-suicide” looked like). Most of us have our moments. I know there are some who never use it. I never did until I met Hubby in college. Then I didn't use it so much… the big change was when I went to Germany for 13 weeks back in 1991… there it is just a word. So it popped back into my vocab. Now The Offspring reminds me that “kids today” say “it's just a word” to which I calmly state… I realize that, but most of our society doesn't look at it that way.

    Anyway… I sure hope that your day today goes much better… Go take a look at my Wordless Wednesday… you'll CRACK UP! 😉

    Stef at

  3. I'm old and I still have problems with my bad language. I think it's gotten worse as I go. Breathe deeply. This too shall pass–don't throw anything…I'm just kidding. It comes back again and again and again…

  4. I would have said it 3 times in a row too! sounds like you are up to your eyes in aligators! no you are not alone hon, I get so stressed out sometimes I literally feel like I might implode!

  5. I hate stress! And feeling like I'm gonna explode. Ugh!
    We all feel that way time to time I guess.

    Hope your week gets better!!

  6. Stress…oh yes….I am need of comfort food, a private vacation, and a day spa. I used to swear horribly. I am a lot better, but yeah they slip out now and then. Now go wash your mouth out with soap. 😛

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