The Aftermath – Debris

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I just have to share this with you.  It is the most heartfelt thing I can imagine.  Last night on the radio they announced that the Carthage Senior High class of 2011 had raised $10,000 for Project Graduation, but they have decided to donate their Project Grad money to the City of Joplin after that tornado hit.  How awesome is that?

More information on the Tornado:
The tornado hit winds in excess of 198 mph so they’ve classed it as an EF4.
14,000 people still remain without electricity as of last night.
The death toll has raised to 116 as of this morning.
I think I’ve heard 17 people have been rescued alive in the rubble.
They are having blood drives, they especially need O-neg.
I have no idea what my blood type is but I’m planning on getting over my fear of needles and donating.

When we got home on Sunday after the tornado had ripped through Joplin, our yard was covered in debris.  Some of it is unreal.  My friend Aerielle and her kids came to our house so we could all check facebook for photos because at that time there were still no photos on the tv.  So between her house and ours (about 1 mile) there was styrofoam all over the road, 2×6’s with nails in the middle of the road, tree limbs down, tin in the ditch.  All the debris being as far away as what we were was just unreal.

So here’s some of what we found in our yard debris wise.

This was the TV just about the time Joplin got hit.

We got some hail but not like they did.  Remember I’m about 25 miles from where it was hit or so…

You really can’t tell but it was POURING

This was driving back to our house.

We worked all day Saturday getting all the water off the pool tarp and it was dry.  This was after the storm went through.

This looked to be pieces out of a radiology book of some sorts.

This was an Insurance EOB.

I’m not sure what is in his right hand, the left hand (pink) was foam insulation

Joplin High School graduation happened and I’m fairly certain this is part of their program.

This was referring to scriptures in the Bible so I’m thinking part out of a Christian book??

and really no idea here…

We had insulation all over.  Pink, Yellow, foam…

Sheet rock.

Black roofing tar

I don’t even remember…

More Styrofoam.

You can’t tell here so much but we had insulation all over our roof.

And someone’s shingle 🙁

and what looks like a piece of a little girls outfit.

More insulation.

This was the sky around 8pm.  The tornado hit around 6ish.

This was a cover to a cookbook.  
A neighbor actually got a whole page from a cookbook.

The sky was super eery even at 8pm.  Then the lightening kicked in…

Please remember to keep the victims as well as the worker’s in your thoughts and prayers.  2 of my co-workers are volunteering their time.  They said pictures we see aren’t even doing it justice.  He said they are having to climb over things to get into the houses and rubble that they are digging through.  I can only imagine.  The weather is predicting more Tornadic cells coming through our area tonight along with more rain tomorrow.  Please keep all of these people in your prayers!

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  1. The worst tornado ever in U.S. I can't imagine how devastating this is to your state and your community. The best of humanity comes out in the worst of times. There will be a light at the end, but it's a long tunnel, I'm sure.

  2. All we can do is pray for everyone. ♥

    It is wonderful to hear of high school students donating money, especially so much money. That really gives you hope and helps you smile at a time like this.

  3. Oh, my gosh. Seeing people's real stuff in your yard had to of really hit home – I am so sad this happened 🙁 Keeping the victims in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I cry every time I see photos of Joplin. I looked on the missing list last night on facebook and saw people I went to school with listed on there!
    I used to drive past St John's every day on my way home from school. Makes me sick to look at the pictures on the Cunningham Park direction.
    Nicole 🙁

  5. This is just awful. I'm glad you all are okay.

    Just thinking about all of the debris you had and where it may have come from.

    Hope there are no more bad storms for your area.

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