Let's Be Honest

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With the recent events that have happened that have happened, I’m back to thinking about this song:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSdItuvBxc8]

Then I heard another song this morning that just brought peace to me.  I have to tell you, “My name is Nicole and I do NOT do well with severe weather.”  I’ve never taken it lightly.  One night when I still lived at my parents house I stood at the basement door with my shoes on, my clothes on (not pj’s), My purse on my shoulder, keys in the purse and a flashlight in my hand until the tornado warning went away.

One thing they said on the tv is people used to not take it seriously.  Well by golly, I think it’ll be a while before people don’t freak out when even a thunderstorm passes through.  That’s actually what the Joplin Tornado started out as in Kansas and when it crossed into Missouri went into Tornado mode.

Last night they were saying there was a possibility the Tornadoes that raced through Kansas and Oklahoma causing destruction would hit us last night between 8pm and 2am.  About 9:30ish (so I missed the finale of DWTS :(… LOL) they broke in and were watching the storm.  I went into scared mode.  I know panicking isn’t a good thing and I heard once if you think you’re going to panic, pray so that’s just what I did, but we wound up with some 10 blankets in our closet.  My {step}daughter’s room and our closet are the 2 safest rooms in our house and living in a Berm house, our house is like a basement since it is surrounded by dirt on 3 sides.  PC told me I had to quit with the blankets or we might not fit in the closet.

Tornado sirens went off in Joplin, Webb City, Carterville, (all together and all headed my direction).  Then they said it was headed up the hwy I live off of.  But it luckily fizzled out and we just had lightning, thunder and rain.


So I’ve decided that I need to look at something other than tornado destruction so here are some photos I took last night of my garden.  I know that’s like a 180 turn around on topics, but I needed something else to focus on, even though I focused a lot on that tornado!

Now don’t make to much fun of my garden.  This is the first year and getting rid of the grass roots has been an issue, if you can’t tell!  We’re going to have to till the crap out of the garden this fall (again) and hope for the best.  This is my first ever garden too, so I’m learning as I go.  Have tips, share please!

They sent us home from work at 4pm yesterday due to this weather heading our way.  Here’s the sky at around 6pm.  I couldn’t watch the devastation on tv anymore.  After the press conference I went and walked around outside.

 Woohoo, my potatoes are doing good… now when do you pick them?

Here’s what pretty much all my potato plants look like.

and oddly enough some of my Leeks are coming up.  I’ve never used a leek, what do you do with it?  I’ve just heard of them so I decided to try growing them 🙂

I have 6 strawberry plants.  One actually has a berry almost ripe!

And I don’t even remember what this is.  I planted Squash, Zucchini, & Cucumbers.  This is one of the 3…..

Some of my pepper plants.  I planted Poblano, Jalapeno, Habenero, Green Bell Pepper, Orange Bell Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, and Sweet Banana Peppers.  I hope they produce…

My Corn row.  This end is taller than the other….

It’s definitely going to hit knee high by the 4th of July (although I’m not sure that pertains to gardens, maybe just field corn… this is my first ever garden)

You can’t tell but this side is shorter…

My greenbeans are starting to look better.  They looked puney for a while.  And the row next to them is doing horrible 🙁

Our onions are doing very well though!

And this is one of those 3 plants I know I planted but can’t remember which I planted where….

Oakley knows she’s not allowed in the garden.
 So you can’t completely tell because I have grass in my garden, but she’s just at the edge.

I think she knows I’m talking about her… shhhh!

Here’s one of our Apple trees.  It is baring fruit on one side, but not really the other

It’s a work in progress….

And I’m sad to report that my cherry tree didn’t produce hardly ANY cherries this year and what it did produce just fell off, they didn’t even ripen out.  I think this crazy weather is playing into that 🙁

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  1. Bad weather really freaks me out. I put my headphones on and listen to music to try to calm me, but sometimes that doesn't always work.

    Look at your garden!!! It looks amazing! I don't have a green thumb. I wish I did! I kill every plant in my presence. It's kinda sad. 🙂

    I hope you have a good Wednesday!

  2. the plant above the pic of oakley is a cucumber I beleive , the other one looks like a squash. The taters wont be ready till after they have blossomed and the floweres all die off. and I am a terrible gardener but if there is room between the rows just till it over and pick the grass out every week or so , hopefully the weeds/grass in the actual rows won't be to big a deal to pull

  3. Love your garden 🙂 You need to teach me a few gardener's secrets!!

    I'm so glad you were out of the path of the storm. That is sooo scary!

  4. Gareden's looking good! I usually harvest my potatoes when the top part of the plant (The green stuff) starts to die off! The biggest key is that poatoes like deep well drained soil! Maybe this fall you should look into Round up (after you harvest your veggies) that will get rid of the grass, for good! xo

  5. It's definitely okay to get freaked out with bad weather. It's so scary!!!

    All your plants and crops look amazing!! I want to plant some blueberry bushes, but my dogs would just ruin them. Hopefully when we move in a year or two I can!!

  6. I am jealous of your garden, I wish I knew how to keep one…I love fresh veggies but I tend to just buy them at local markets instead…I have too many stray cats and a neighbours dog that I think will ruin it (and I really hate getting my hands dirty) and I dont know if I could tell the difference between weeds and plants!

  7. I'm so sorry about the horrible weather! We have never had to deal with tornadoes, so I'm sure I'd be a basket case too!
    Your garden looks great… you should see mine. I can't keep enough water on it, I doubt we make much this year. 🙁

  8. I agree that your mystery plant is a cucumber. Leeks are amazingly good in soup and they also work well with fish. Anytime you want a mild onion flavor, use a leek. I lost all my cherries too — not sure why. The tree was full of blossoms and baby cherries and then they all shriveled up and died. No plums this year either.

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