Let's Talk Socks

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Seriously, who doesn’t LOVE brand new socks?  They just have that warm, cozy feeling.  That brand new, out of the package feel.  It’s hard to describe, but it’s there, trust me, if you don’t see it that is.

So here a while back hubby, Tbug and I were walking through Walmart and we found cute socks.  Now if there is anything to know about us…

  1. I love new socks
  2. The cuter the socks, the better
  3. Tall socks are great for boots
  4. Tbug never has socks, even when we buy her socks
  5. So she wears mine.

Most of the time it’s just easier to tell her to wear my socks anyway.  All socks we buy her I swear disappear.  Maybe she eats them, or the cat plays with them?  Either way, she wears my socks most of the time.  And when she can’t find matching socks, she wears mis-matched socks… but that is the cool thing to do so whatever.

But I must complain…  Do you see a problem with this sock?  (look at where the arrow is pointing!)

How on EARTH does she make the socks dirty?  Those socks were worn 1 time.  That’s it… they were brand spankin new socks and she makes them dirty.  She does that with every pair of socks I have whether they are brand new or old.

You see these socks?  I’ve worn them 3 times and they’re still clean.

Can someone PLEASE explain this to me………..?

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0 thoughts on “Let's Talk Socks

  1. dirty shoes , I know that sounds weird , but if she has worn her shoes with bare feet they get dirt and oils in the lining and the socks stain as soon as the wears them, try washing her running shoes and see if that helps

  2. Awe, I think this silly sock post was just what I needed to get me out of this depressing mental state. Sorry for being an absentee commenter and thanks for being there! This makes me think of my mysterious missing sock piece I wrote some time ago although I can't remember when or where to find it. Oh the joys of socks! 🙂

  3. This reminds me… I need new socks. 😉
    I seem to have T-bug's problem… my socks get dirty on the soles, and no amount of washing them seems to work.

  4. Kids leave their mark everywhere!!! They also lose socks! Constantly!!! And why do they mismatch them?? What is that? Whatever.

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