Miscellany Monday

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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I have a really bad headache 🙁

I wore a dress to work today because I’m tired of wearing dress pants

I had reward points to use at a retailer or they expired at the end of the month.  So I told my husband how much he could spend.  Well my rewards points were in my maiden name so we changed that over.  I placed my order, got a bill saying what I owed (sales tax & shipping) and I went on.  Then I checked my cc on Saturday and they charged the WHOLE order my CC.  I wasn’t a happy camper at all!!!  Then I got to work this morning and received an email saying that the billing address was in my husbands name.    I’m so baffled because no where in any of this did I ever put his name.  I did it all under my name.  Oh well I received the package and got a credit to my CC.

I think Audrey wanted to play with the chickens over the weekend… or maybe have them as a snack… I’m  not sure which one.  She didn’t get the chance to do either.

speaking of chicks, they got moved into their big pen.

Oakley didn’t seem to concerned with them.

I got a shot over the weekend in the butt that hurt!  I wouldn’t recommend doing that shot if you can avoid it.  I actually got 2 so I’m not even sure which one it was that actually hurt!

Have I mentioned I have a headache?

This was my view Sunday morning while PC was mowing the lawn.

I was laying on my {step}daughters trampoline waiting to move it for him.

Hi, my name is Nicole and I’m an Instagram addict… LOL

I have strawberries sitting on my desk waiting for me to eat them!  nom nom nom

I helped my friend Aerielle (Earl as we so affectionately call her) make Chicken Cordon Bleu this weekend.  I’ll share the recipe with you sometime later this week 🙂  We also had Potato Casserole I’ll share 🙂

I took photos and she was like, boy this is weird!  I told her she’ll get used to it 🙂  She said, well at least I got my nails done yesterday.

I sat in the hottub yesterday in the nice cool sprinkley shower we were having.  It felt wonderful!

The end 🙂

Just Kidding

We broke down and got a new vacuum cleaner.  Our other stunk when you turned it on!  Yuck.  I semi-enjoy vacuuming now 🙂

We went out to dinner with my parents this weekend and went to a local Hibachi grill.  It was fabulous!  So they have this seafood sauce and then another sauce they usually give you.  Well my husband and I prefer the seafood sauce so we asked for just 2 of those.  Then my husband asked if he could have another tray of it and the chef gave him a bowl.  Then asked if that was enough… LOL

It’s Monday!

I still have a headache in case you wondered 🙂

{twenty one}
The end for sure this time 🙂

0 thoughts on “Miscellany Monday

  1. I feel your pain with the headache. I've had one for 4 days now. It just won't leave! The chicks are so cute!

  2. Sorry to hear about your headache. I often get one when there is a weather front coming on.

    Sometimes a warm shower will help, sometimes laying in the dark with a warm washcloth over the eyes will help.

    Hope you feel better soon Nicole. ♥

  3. That's funny that you blog your friend eating. Yes, friend, we bloggers have no shame. Anything is fodder for our blog. Hope your head feels better. I get those with weather fronts too. (and weather backs–ahahaha) I love chickens.

  4. I hope your head is feeling better. I only wear dresses to church. As soon as I get home, I change into my regular jeans and a t-shirt. Looking forward to the recipes! I tried the Zesty Cheeseburger one. Yum!

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