I speak Nicole, get over it!

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Have you ever had those days when nothing seemed to work right? 


Or better yet… You get tongue-tied:

I bess I getter……  aka I guess I better…..

Landmeal Brownfark… aka Landmark Brownfield (one of our plants… sorry if you work there!!)

Pony up in a hairtail…. aka put my hair up in a pony tail

Bag in a rice…  aka rice in a bag (you know that instant stuff)

I may have been born last night but it wasn’t at night….. aka I may have been born at night but it wasn’t last night.

And no, I didn’t say all those today… they are just some classics 🙂

Or how about that day you went to make Cinnamon rolls and you were waiting for the dough to rise… And it… rose…..

True Story!!

Or that time you took that one photo… where everything was in focus but the 2 people you were trying to get in the photo…

You have to admit, they look cool though!!

Or what about that time when you were sick… And had to go running out the driveway to put a cow back in before it got on the interstate, and you went running through the field to get around it and This… Didn’t like you running through its field… Yeah, he was hot on your tail!!!  Better yet, your mom was afraid to say something b/c if you’d have looked back, he’d have gotten you…

Maybe… just maybe… you were distracted by this:

Oh, no…

Maybe you are now…


Oh no… maybe that’s just me?  Yeah, I’m ok with that!!!

Guess Audrey and I’ll go back to scrubbing floors 🙂

Wait, What’s that?  Oh, you noticed the Halloween towels and the long hair… busted!

0 thoughts on “I speak Nicole, get over it!

  1. hahah girl I definitely have those days. I like to tell people it happens because my mind is going so quickly haha =) but usually it is just me having a blonde moment =)

  2. LOL! We all have those days girl! And there is nothing at all wrong with bein' distracted by a nice behind, especially when it's a behind that you can get jiggy with later! hehehehehe

  3. It only gets worser when you get older. And then you can't run fast so the bison would have gotten me. If you were like that every day, then no one would know otherwise. (I don't think that made sense. Oh well.)

  4. Hahaha – the dough's really funny. That would SO happen to me. Was that when you were making PW's cinn.buns?

  5. I totally love this post!!

    Question… you were rising cinnamon rolls in the microwave???

    Oh yeah… the “subject out of focus”… yep, been there and done that! :;)

    Cute Wrangler shot…

    If you hadn't pointed out the towels or hair I would have totally missed it… I still “think” of you with long hair. LOL!

    Stef at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime.com

  6. Oh no…I would have had to change my britches after that buffalo incident!! LOL

    I've definitely been having lots of days like this lately. My pony up in a hairtail sort of days…. 🙂

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