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Don’t you just love Google Analytics?  It tells you about how people found your blog… What search engine they used, or which blog/website they came off of, or the most popular internet provider… Lots of different things.  They don’t tell you who is actually coming to your blog, but hey I don’t care, people visit, that’s important ;).

So I got a kick out of key phrases typed into search engines that got you to my blog.  Here they are in order of hits (most to least)

1.  “Show me your Bra

  • Well yeah I had a post on that.  It more had to do with our Relay for Life fundraiser but yeah, I showed you my Bra (it was the JD one, remember it? oh you don’t?  Ok I’ll share it again :))

2.  “November 25, 1978

  • Well yeah, I had a post titled that too… Wonder what else happened so fascinating on that day?  Hold on let me go google it and I’ll get back to you…..
    • Supposedly it was a Saturday
    • Tais Araujo was born… whoever that is
    • The Bayou classic was held in the Louisiana Superdome
  • I hope that helped you in your quest for information on November 25, 1978.  
  • Here’s what was so significant for me on that day….
  • Well Yes, I did do that.  Thanks for remembering!
  • That may or may not be what you were looking for… but here, let me show you my look…. see if you were looking for this:

to This:
  • What do ya think????

 4.  “Blogspot “Locks of Love””

  • By chopping my hair, that’s where I donated it.
  • I even got a certificate that they received it
  • You should do it too if you ever get the chance.
  • It is so worth it!  Great feeling
  • Here is their website:

5.  “Girl dresses blogspot”

  • Hmmm… that’s a new one on me… I didn’t realize that they had Boy dresses…
  • Good luck with that one.
  • I am a girl and I wear dresses 🙂

6.  “Spanking”

  • Oy….
  • The only kind of “spanking” you’ll find here is from the Diva Paddle Party
  • Which was a lot of fun!!!

7.  “Box Mac & Cheese with Spaghetti Sauce”

  • Mmmmm now that’s one of my faves and super easy!
  • We like to refer to it as Mac & Cheese Lasagna
  • definitely try it tonight!!!

8.  “I have endless reasons why I love you”

  • Wow, and my husband and I get made fun of for being sappy!!
  • I really wonder what these people are looking for…..
  • Do they want a man
  • or a woman‘s perspective??
Yup, I was looking for a reason to throw that in 😉

9.  “P90X Nicole “That’s Life””

  • Holy cow, how did they know I did P90X?  
  • I’m Nicole
  • This is That’s Life
  • and I have done P90X
  • How did they know???

10.  “”Cooking” “Gracie Allen””

  • Oh Oh OH  I can help them with this!!!

I hope by me putting these all in one easy location I can save people a lot of time searching for what they are looking for 🙂

Until next time,
Peace, Love & Search engines!

0 thoughts on “Helpful Locations

  1. Isn't it kinda creepy? every time I check my analytics they sucks! I'll check them tonight and see if they are any better because I wanna do a post on them too 🙂

  2. If you google “child broken nose” and go to images, my son is usually in the top three. I wrote a post about how he broke his nose, and how the ER doc told me it wasn't broken! I wanted to punch her.

  3. I don't have mine available through Google. It's mostly just for family and for me to learn about what I'm interested in.

    I probably couldn't figure out Google Analytics even if I did, haha! I'm a bit slow there.

    It was fun reading yours though! 🙂

  4. Very interesting. I will have to check mine out too. That is if I can figure it out!

    You have quite the array of things going on here!

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