If you really knew ME!!

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Ok I’ve seen quite a few blogs that do this list. I’m not usually a follower, but it looks like fun so I think I’ll try it… Don’t shoot me 🙂

Without further adu:

If you really knew ME:

  1. I’m not a morning person! I love my sleep. Don’t speak to me first until I speak to you…
  2. I feel naked if my toenails aren’t painted. In the wintertime I kind of veer from that philosophy but that’s because my feet are covered with socks most of the time.
  3. I was sweet 16 and never kissed. I kissed my first boy 3 months after I turned 16. He wasn’t worth it!!!
  4. My dad said I couldn’t date until I was old enough to drive, in case I ever got in a bad situation… I went on my first date 1 1/2 months before I turned 16. I was staying with my aunt and uncle that summer. They set it up.
  5. In college I would say things like I hate living in the city. People would ask why and I’d tell them that in the country if I wanted to go streaking through my parents field no one would know but I couldn’t do that here in the city. They’d then tell me to go streaking through the parking lot, no one would care. I would reply um… hello I’d get arrested and fined… plus I’m ugly enough that people would pay me to put my clothes back on. Then I’d go on to say, hey I could at least make some money that way!
  6. In college I would walk into random girls rooms and lift my shirt up and flash the parking lot in what ever bra I was wearing at the time. I never did it if I wasn’t wearing a bra and I never did it if I was in my own room. Heck my bra covered more than most swim suits!
  7. My favorite drinks are Coke, Cranberry Juice, Minute Maid Limeade and water.
  8. I have a degree to teach High School Agriculture but I don’t really think I want to…
  9. I am very sentimental and like to keep things close that have meaning (aka rings, movie stubs, whatever!)
  10. I have a huge list of jobs that I need to accomplish in my lifetime. Here they are but not limited to: Hair dresser, clothing designer, Lawyer, Judge, Doctor, Masseuse, IT, Actress, teacher, politician… and that’s just to name a few. The list keeps growing.
  11. I don’t really like chocolate but there are few things that have to be chocolate such as milk.
  12. I prefer sweets to chocolate. My sweets list include: sweet tarts, nerds, skittles, and the big chewy sweet tarts (that take up your entire mouth).
  13. I used to be able to put my fist in my mouth… Not so much anymore.
  14. I love getting dressed up. Nothing beats getting dressed up and going to a fancy dinner with an absolutely handsome man!
  15. For years at Christmas time when people asked me what I wanted, I’d tell them my 2 front teeth. I chipped my right tooth in 3rd grade and the filling they used to fix it yellowed out over time. I hated little kids coming up and asking me what was wrong with my teeth. I got a little money left to me when my grandparents passed away and last year I had my front teeth fixed. They are both now crowns. I’m scared to death they are going to fall off so I carry vasoline in my purse around with me to at least get them back on until I could make it to the dentist if need be.
  16. I dreaded going wedding dress shopping. I want my high school body back when I get married. I always heard you didn’t want to be fat in wedding pictures because they last forever and that makes me sad.
  17. I had a guy once tell me that if a girl wasn’t married by the time she was 25 she had problems. I’m 27 and I think I’m rather sane! Especially compared to some gals out there. But his words have always stuck with me and make me sad!
  18. At one time no matter where I was, if I saw a sheep or something with a sheep on it, I had to have it. I have quite the sheep collection going and I’m not referring to my live herd.
I’ve been having a rough week, it’s kind of fun to sit here and do this list. Makes me think of all the wonderful things about myself. I hope you all have a fabulous week! Tomorrow is Friday after all! I just need to keep reminding myself of that.

Ok and today I don’t have a joke for you as much as a true story that makes my dad and PC laugh their heads off:

The back side of my parents house is all glass french doors. We live right along a Major interstate so we’ve had weird people walk in needing car assistance. After being at our house the night the neighbor came at 12:45 to tell us about men walking through our backwoods with flashlights you always wonder. Ok that sets the stage.

I was sitting in my parents living room Tuesday night with my dad watching TV. PC was at the dining room table. My dad got up and walked into the other room. I knew this. I proceeded a few minutes later to get up and walk into the other room when I saw a flashlight flashing out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and saw the flashlight but no person, especially after they tapped on the window. I almost tripped over the ottaman and started screaming my head off. My knees buckled under me and I fell to the floor. About that time my dad showed his face and PC got up to see what my problem was. I couldn’t quit shaking and they were both dying laughing at me. So mean, those boys!!! They couldn’t believe I didn’t hear my dad walk out the door.

Peace, Love & Mean boys!

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  1. I'm a sucker for sour treats, too (sour patch kids are my fav). Funny story.. happens to me all the time (husband/others scaring me, I mean). Hope your Friday is better than the week so far! 🙂

  2. I found your blog and had to become a follower after reading some of your posts. #15 in this list had me chuckling. I had caps on my front teeth and had the same fear as you. One day that fear came true. The only thing handy was crazy glue. It worked great. The only problem was I also ended up gluing my lip to my teeth. That was not fun. lol I have since discovered that you can by “cap cement” like the dentist uses. Most drug stores carry it and the container is really tiny. I carry it in my pocket just in case!

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