Brussels Sprouts Can be good, who knew?!?!

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Even just a few years ago if you’d have said the word yummy with the word Brussels Sprouts I would have looked at you like you had lost your mind.  Then my friend Early showed me how to make them.  Holy cow I can’t stay away from them!

Originally she makes them in the oven, but one day she tried it over the stove and I much prefer them this way.

Simple you half your Brussels Sprouts or quarter depending on their size and how big you prefer them to be.  Put them over medium to medium high heat in a skillet with olive oil.  Make sure to douse them in salt and pepper.  That’s the key and then cook them until they get a brown color to them.

That’s it.

And I shouldn’t probably tell this, but they aren’t half bad served at room temperature… Don’t ask how I know this please!

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