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So the age old question, how far before the wedding do you send your invitations… I found on a couple different websites that if you are having it catered 8 weeks prior to the wedding. Well technically we are having it catered but not a meal, it’s more of Large Finger foods, appetizer type things. Since our wedding is at 11am we figured after we’d have food, we don’t want them suffering from hunger pains. Well Sunday July 4th was 8 weeks exactly. Our wedding is September 4th.

So that means I really should get cracking on sending my invites out. I’m just afraid sending them out way to early people will forget about me… but i guess we’ll see.

Then the decisions came about what invitations to purchase. The company I work for actually has a printing service all of its own and they do excellent work. And they don’t try to make money off employees, I believe we get it at cost, or maybe a little more. I’m not 100% sure. So basically I could have them design an invite for me and then print it or I could have someone else design it in photoshop and then they’d print it. They are easy going.

Well we thought about going with the standard invites. A lot of people look at them, might stick them on their fridge until the day of so they remember and then toss them, or you have people like me, I have most all invites I’ve ever received. I was keeping them around for ideas. Well we pondered for a while and then saw these on line. I fell in love. They aren’t anything like I’ve seen before. The guy who did our engagement photos also works for the company and actually works with my mom, so my mom did a mock up of the invites and then Taylor did them in photoshop for us. I love them. If no one wants to keep them, hey whatever, that’s their prerogative but me, I love them. I’ve never seen anything like it. He sent me screen shots in Adobe reader. The top part is the outside. The far right is the front, the middle is the back and the far left is the inside. Then on the bottom side the one of us looking at you is on the left side as you open it up, the middle is well, the middle and the right is on the other side.

I was going to print labels and decided why waste the time and money so we decided we’d just print the addresses right on the envelopes. Well that back fired too. I was getting so frustrated the other night because it wasn’t working and it was messing up my envelopes that I said screw it and started handwriting all the addresses. I’m about 3/4 of the way done. I don’t have terrible handwriting. If I had a calligraphy pen it’d look pretty close… haha. So anyway I just thought I’d share.

We have to sit down with my mom at some point and go through the details still for the wedding. It’ll be here before I know it… 58 days… although the tracker at the side says 57 days… who knows. At least we have a place to live after the wedding and it’s coming together nicely! Whew one less worry!

Peace, Love, & Invites 🙂

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  1. Wow, busy girl! I do love the invitations and think they are going to look super cool!

    After reading all of your wedding stuff I now know why hubby and I gave our moms one week notice to plan our wedding, LOL. I just dont have all the patience required for wedding planning 🙂

  2. Cute invitations. We got one early this year that was a magnet so you could stick it on the fridge and not forget.

  3. love the invites!! i just got mine today and tomorrow is craft day to get them ready 🙂

  4. awesome!

    We did the same thing as Lisa…we gave the family 2 weeks notice. Needless to say, it wasn't a big wedding 🙂

  5. Let me just tell you that these are the most creative and beautiful invites I have ever seen. I love them, and I think they are perfect for you.

    I will also tell you from experience that it is always better to send them out a little earlier (trust me you won't be forgotten), than way too late!!

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