Make Your Mouth Water!!!

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I thought I’d died and gone to heaven last night!!  Okay, so it wasn’t quite that good but pretty danged close!  As you know yesterday was PC’s birthday.  He had class last night after work but I figured I’d still make him a yummy delicious birthday dinner.  He called me when he got out of class and was on his way home so that I could begin dinner 🙂  Last time we went to the store, we bought the ingredients for yet another Pioneer Woman recipe out of her cookbook.

Now I present to you:

Rib-eye Steak with a Whiskey Cream Sauce
She says to saute your onions in butter, but I did it in EVOO… Sue me 🙂

Once Onions are brown turn off the heat, move skillet from burner and pour in 1/4 cup Whiskey.

Once the Whiskey has burned off return the pan to the burner back to medium high heat.

And whisk in a tbsp of butter

Then whisk in a 1/4 cup of Beef Stock (yeah I only had chicken… worked just as well!)

Then whisk in 1/4 cup “light” cream.  Didn’t know what that was so I used fat free half and half 🙂  It works!

Whisk until it gets a sauce consistency.  If it is still brothy, add a little more cream.  Want the consistency basically of gravy.  Then let bubble for 30 seconds and remove to low heat and let simmer while you cook your steaks.

On to the Rib-eye.  Salt and pepper.  Cook in Butter (or my case EVOO)

They cook FAST!!  Don’t get it over done!

Once the steaks have cooked, move to a plate, cover it in your Whiskey sauce.  Find a side (of cream cheese and corn perhaps) And Melt!

P.S. Don’t forget to VOTE my fellow Americans!!!!!


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