One Year Ago… Part 25

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I was driving down the back road talking to him when all the sudden I screamed.

There she was, a big, fat, black, momma cow (Angus) standing in the middle of the road chewing her cud. I slammed on my breaks when out of the corner of my eye in the right ditch I saw something red. Another cow (Hereford). By this point I dropped my phone in my lap and was bracing myself for the worst. I got stopped and of course the cow just looked at me. I tried to slow my heart down and then I saw a third cow in the left ditch, she was white (Charolais). I realized I had dropped my phone and picked it back up.

-Are you ok? Where are you? Talk to me? Nicole, Nicole, Nicole…. Answer me sweetheart.
-Yeah I’m fine. Cows are out.
-Whose cows?
-Larry’s maybe, Becky’s, I don’t know I’m kind of right in the middle of their property (they own both sides of the road).
-Should you call them?
-Don’t have their numbers anymore.

I proceeded to pull out around the cow and proceeded on down the road. Funny thing with those crazy experiences, you sort of forget what was wrong if there was something. By the time I got home I told him I was going to go in the house and go to sleep. I was tired. But you know how that goes once the adrenalin went away I knew what we’d been talking about. We were upset so I laid there and tossed and turned. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and about the time I went to call him, my phone rang. We talked the whole mess out for quite a while. What upset me, what upset him, how there was a big misunderstanding, and how I didn’t rank 2nd in his book.

We finally got it talked out and both went to sleep. I woke up the next morning groggy but I got up and got ready and we headed to church, of course he was to my house before I was ready to go… what’s new :).


This coming weekend (Nov 21) was his weekend to have his daughter but she had a cheerleading competition in Tulsa. She stayed Friday night with her mom and she took her down. Then he and I got up first thing Saturday morning and headed down to T-town. We had a little time to kill before heading to the cheerleading competition so we went to Drysdales. That’s where I bought his Christmas present and something for his daughter. Oh boy I was in good now.

Every year in December my family heads to Ft. Worth, TX for the NCHA Cutting Horse Futurity. The boots he had stunk to high heavens. In fact I told him they weren’t allowed anywhere near the truck when we were packing up. My mom and I had talked about it and I decided I was going to buy him boots for Christmas, give him criteria though… he could wear them in Ft. Worth but then they were going back in the box and under the Christmas tree. While we were at Drysdales i found the boots I was buying him. I had him try them on, made sure he liked them, bought them and they went straight into the trunk of the car.

Then we headed to Union High School for the competition. Once we left there we had plans to go see “A Christmas Carol” at the Imax theater. (btw don’t let your little kids watch that, esp in 3d… it was scary!) I know my way around Tulsa fairly decent but we had PC’s tom tom, Ditsy, with us to help. She got us to Union High school just fine, the Imax theater was a different story. She took us 14 miles out of our way and dropped us off in the middle of a housing development. We just looked at each other and laughed while his daughter was in the backseat complaining about being bored. I got out the trusty handy dandy iPhone and got us back. (side note, all we had to do was go under the bridge and we’d be to the Imax theater)

After a fun filled day in Tulsa we piled back in the Mustang and headed for home.


Thanksgiving week was the week. A new test was about to emerge… he had to meet my mom’s sister and brother-in-law. They were all excited to meet this new guy. I was scared to death :). We got there on Thanksgiving day in time to eat dinner/lunch (depending on what part of the country you’re from). He and I both jumped in making some of the side dishes and helping my aunt out. Once we got mostly done he then went into the living room with my dad and uncle to watch tv and hang out with them. Immediately my aunt (AC) told me she liked him, that he treated me great and she could tell he loved me.

The next day the girls went shopping in the big city (Dallas) and the boys stayed on the ranch to bum around. I got text messages and phone calls all day from my sweetheart asking what was going on and if I was enjoying myself.

On Saturday we headed home.

Sunday he and I proceeded to put up my mom’s Christmas tree. We didn’t decorate it but we put it up to make sure that it got up before the weekend before Christmas.

to be continued…..

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