Ring Bling

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Through another blog I found a blog by ENS called: Sweetheart I Must Confess.  She did the coolest thing on her site: She has asked for her readers to send in photos of their wedding rings/engagement rings and the story behind them and she has included them into a whole post about them.  As you know every woman’s ring is unique and important to them and she is spotlighting that!!

Who doesn’t love to read a good story behind the ring and see beautiful ring bling at that!!  She has on there that she plans on doing another post about more rings/stories behind the ring.  I couldn’t help myself, I sent a photo and my story in (shortened version of course).

Anyway I thought it was really cool and I thought I would pass this along in case any of my readers out there felt like participating as well 🙂 or needed some good lovey dovey type stories to read 🙂

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