I Can’t Brain Today……..

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I have the dumb!

So do you ever have those days when you wonder, “How did I get out of bed this morning without hurting myself….?”

No? Just Me? Ok I thought so!

So much has been going on this last week I’m not sure how I’ve figured out which direction I’m going and which direction I came from.

1. Bridal Shower and getting presents ready (not for me though, still to early).

2. Dinner with Mother-in-law.

3. Getting Tbug where she needs to be.

4. Selling dishwasher in parents basement (for a dollar, best deal of the year).

5. Making sure PC gets all his college classes for spring semester done since this is finals week (So far he’s looking at A’s, Yey!).

6. Signing papers on house. (Mi Casa es Su Casa 1 & 2)

7. Dancing with the Stars and results. (week 9)

8. I’m sure there’s more but I’ll quit making this list 🙂

So anyway as you can see, we signed the papers on our house. Yes you heard me right, OUR HOUSE! No more living in a tent in my parents back yard. That idea can be scrapped!

This one, you remember this one right? It’s OURS!!!!

We were so excited we went and bought some cleaning supplies because we plan on having a “Cleaning Day” party where we clean it and re-wallpaper and paint and move stuff in, etc. So today we get a copy of the papers, the wrong property description is on the papers. OY! So we had to go through and get it corrected. Luckily it was the lawyer who messed it up, not us! Ok I think now we can say we bought the same house, twice?? Interesting thought there! Hmmmm I think I’ll ponder that a little more.

So next order of business, you know you’ve had a day when you go to do a mail merge at work and screw it up. Ok well I didn’t actually screw it up, instead I just tried to print 31 copies of everyone’s name so there for 31 times 31 equals 961 copies. It dawned on me and we stopped it and fixed it on the first name!! I got a big laugh out of that because I do mail merges all the time, just had a screw up (brain fart). It was the house I tell you, when the paper work was done wrong it just messed my day up.

Prince Charming said it would have been even funnier had I mentioned that I almost fell off the toilet. Oh long story but about a month ago I was having a bad day. Nothing was going right and I was upset, etc. Yeah I almost fell off the toilet at work. Wouldn’t that have been a riot. I actually cracked up laughing and that was the first time I’d laughed all day. It put me in a better mood which is all Prince Charming cared about. Now though PC won’t let me live it down and now I’ve shared that with y’all so your welcome :).

Moving on!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

It isn’t raining today. First time well since Tuesday but before that, it rained all last week/weekend. There was a 70% chance today… looks like we won’t get it. Maybe the forecast has changed, I don’t know, I should check that out.

Yup it changed only 30%…

So my mom is in Las Vegas for work this week. She sent me photos of Hoover Dam and the new bridge they are building to get around driving over Hoover Dam. She got a company iPhone and hates it. I joked and said I wondered if she was trying to take photos hoping it would plummet to its death. She laughed and it didn’t. Whew! Me, I love my iPhone and am usually not caught without it. Too bad our new house doesn’t have good cell phone reception :(. Ok I’ll shut up, here’s the photos:

May I present: Hoover Dam
(or at least the view off of it)

And the Bridge

It so feels like Friday because I’m wearing jeans! If you read the sticker on my shirt, I am wearing jeans in support of the Carthage Relay 4 Life. Omg, have you ever been on a Relay 4 Life team? It’s GREAT! I was on a team last year. Best experience of my life!By reading this post today you’d think I had a short attention span or something, talking talking talking OOOOOOO look at the ball. ha! Maybe I do…. Maybe I don’t. Maybe I just am in a chatty (typing) mood. Yeah that’s it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

We’ve gotten the first and second draft of our invitations back. Woohoooo! They are awesome and most people say they are unique. Hey I’m ok with that. It’s a design we found on the internet. Ah the wonderful World Wide Web! Isn’t it a great thing? Ooooooo Ball! ha! Anyway I made a few suggestions for changes, one of which taking the H out of my name. Hey no big deal. I get it a lot. My great aunt never spells my name right. It’s been (but not limited to): Nicol, Nicolle, Nichole, Nicholle, Nikole, Nikoll… yeah never just Nicole. Although I found out in the early 80’s (when I was born, ok and I’m not a young whipper snapper, contain your jokes there!!) that Nicole was the #8 spelling/name to name your daughter. Jennifer was #1. In high school I got called Jennifer all the time to the point I answered to it every once in a while. Nichole was like #14 on the list. Those are numbers out of the top 100.

Speaking of names, the best was in high school when I had a poor Sophomore (I was a senior) believing my name was Bob. I just walked up to her and introduced myself to her as Bob. Eventually I found out she took me seriously when someone said Hey Nicole, I answered and she was like, who are you talking to, that’s Bob. I thought she was joking but nope, she was serious. To this day she calls me Bob. I answer :). Although last summer it changed to Fred and Prince Charming became Howard. Long story for another day!

Peace Love and No H’s

–>Nicole without a H 🙂

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