Wedding Party – April

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I’ve decided to start introducing our wedding party. Next up is April.

She has been one of my longest friends that I’m still in contact with. Our town has 6-grade schools and I transferred from the one my sweetheart and I attended together in K-1 and went to the grade school April was in for 2nd grade. If I remember right, we had different 2nd-grade teachers but still somehow wound up as friends. Isn’t it great and funny how those things work out…

There have been times that my dad has jokingly said he’s never allowing me out of the house with April again. Even though we weren’t trouble makers like one would think of for that word, we did cause trouble together. You couldn’t put much past us…

Then a few years ago April got married to her sweetheart Jeremy.

She asked me to be in her wedding and of course, I was honored! (In fact, looking for photos of the 2 of us or just April, all I could find were wedding type photos… I know I have more!!) And now I get the privilege to have her stand up with me at my wedding! My thoughts are, this friendship has endured test after test, that’s what you do in a marriage is going full speed ahead at any roadblocks you may encounter.

Then after the wedding, the two of them made plans to move to Atlanta, GA. But that’s ok… I headed to Atlanta to see her, well that and to go to a Kenny Chesney concert but having April down there was more incentive to go that direction!

Again like Evelyn, April and Jeremy have been married for a few years. (They were married in April of 2006.) I have another great role model standing up there with me when I marry my best friend.

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