Angel in disguise!

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I have recently been blessed with the opportunity to spend a holiday weekend with the one that I love and her family!! The weekend was filled with love, to say the least, I have been told by a few people that I say I love you too much, so I wonder is there such a thing? I do not believe so I believe Garth Brooks got it right when he said “tell that someone that you love just what your thinkin of if tomorrow never comes!!” Anyways sorry I was off on a tangent back to my Angel in disguise I truly believe that she is my Angel in disguise!! If I spent a year doing nothing but typing this blog I couldn’t begin to explain how much I love her she IS my Angel!! We left Thursday morning and arrived to a very welcoming Aunt Connie and Uncle Brad and a wonderfully delicious Thanksgiving Dinner!! Then spent a lovely afternoon taking pictures and spending time with my Angel!! Friday all the girls headed out early for a fun-filled day of shopping in Texas while Dad and I went out to see what was going on in the barn!! We helped ready the horses to be worked until around noon when we went into Ardmore to eat!! After lunch Brad worked horses for a little bit and then it came to my turn!!!! I was excited I rode a horse they call Rosie she is over 18 years old and is still a firecracker!! She stepped fast turned fast and never missed a beat!! Then we rode out to catch some sick cows, this was fun we rode quite a ways which gave me an opportunity to talk to Uncle Brad a little which was good!! This brings us to a very worn out Mark, but the fun doesn’t end there I finally got to spend a little time snuggling with my Angel and watching ELF which by the way I didn’t see very much of ;)!!
Then came Saturday morning time to pack up and leave we said our goodbyes and headed toward La Hacienda stopping along the way at Cafe Ole in Tulsa for lunch and a brief shopping stop at Stein Mart!! In short, this was one of the best Thanksgivings I have had in years!! spending time with the woman I love!!!!! Can’t wait for Christmas!!! I love spending time with my Angel and could never spend enough time with her!! Baby, I love you and You ARE my Angel in disguise!!!

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