The Birthday Party

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This sweet little girl is 4 today. 4. How did that happen? I seriously don’t know. It seems like just 4 years went by in the blink of an eye. I’m sooooo proud of how she’s turned out and some days she leaves me shaking my head wondering how her mind got where it got!

Only having her sister around certain times and with trying to plan a birthday party around our hectic at times schedule, we actually wound up celebrating her birthday 2 weeks early. Hey, a girl is allowed to celebrate her birthday for a month, right? I think so!!

The Birthday Party

I knew the theme was going to be Unicorn’s since sometime last fall. It’s random. It’s so totally her! I did some research online looking for party decorations. I started to order offline but then went to town to Party City to see what they had. They had everything I wanted and I could walk away with it in hand so I went ahead and changed up the unicorn pattern a little and bam, we were set!

The night before her birthday party we ran to town to the store to get all the items needed for her birthday that we didn’t have. Mainly food and a helium tank to blow up balloons. Man, the minute we got that helium tank and some extra ballons, that’s all she wanted to do was blow up balloons. Saturday morning of the party we were so busy just making sure everything was accomplished and making food preparations that we weren’t going fast enough to get those balloons blown up.

Luckily Tbug jumped in and helped. She even showed Abug how to do it and Abug got to help blow up balloons.

Now, Tbug tied them to a chair so they didn’t float away, but when daddy came in, that was a different story. He allowed them to go to the ceiling. We had balloons everywhere and why not use up all the helium tank. Seriously. Otherwise, it would go to waste.

Then they started wondering how many balloons they needed to tie in Abug’s hair to make it float. Oh goodness!

Food Prep

I was on food prep duty. Don’t worry, I didn’t mind one bit. Tbug likes to cook too (I’m pretty sure) and she jumped in and helped me. She’s great like that. If she hadn’t been there helping, I may not have gotten everything done. Gosh, I can’t praise that kid enough.

A week before her party we were finalizing details. I made the comment, what food are we going to get. Abug gave me a list.

I asked Abug if a unicorn birthday party was okay. She said let me plan it. I need Decorations, balloons, candles, cake, and icing. I’m going to order drinks while you make the cake.

Food: Mac and cheese, breadsticks, broccoli, potatoes, cake

So then the morning of, she gave me a “list” of what I still needed to accomplish. That kid!

So what did we have:

  • Chips and Vidalia Onion Salsa
  • Hamburgers with all the fixin’s: bacon, cheese, ketchup, mustard, mayo, onions, pickles, tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Onion Rings
  • Grapes, cherries, watermelon basket (grandma J brought that)
  • Unicorn French Macarons
  • Unicorn Birthday Cake
  • And a birthday cake for my nephew since his birthday was the same day as the party!!

She had a great party and a great family who came to celebrate! Great grandma, both grandmas, both grandpas, sister, mommy, daddy, great aunt, great uncle, aunt, and both cousins.


Hello, the true reason for the party, the presents. haha… just kidding. But she did get some great loot! Hubby and I only gave her a few of her presents from us. We saved the rest for today, her actual birthday because, hello, you need presents to open on your actual birthday!!

Great-grandma got her a quilt. Tbug got her quilt too. Now, Tbug got her quilt top for her birthday, then I took it back to great grandma who finished it. She just didn’t get it finished for her actual birthday which was back in January. So both girls got their quilt! Aren’t they cute? The girls and the quilt… oh and my nephew!!

Riding Horses

Now, it wouldn’t be a birthday party at our house if there wasn’t horse riding involved. Bam! It started with Tbug and DL went out and were just petting the horses in the field. We teased and asked why they didn’t have a horse already saddled. Tbug said she didn’t know they could and an idea was born.

EA is scared of horses it turns out. They own one but they don’t ride her. I asked if she wanted to ride Aloha and she told me no. My FIL said he’d ride with her if she’d ride. At first, she said yes, so he got on. She then refused, but Abug wanted to ride with grandpa. You really can’t keep this kid off a horse.

I didn’t let up on EA though. I slowly got her out into the arena and got her petting Aloha. Before it was all said and done…

I had her on a horse. I hopped on and sat on Aloha’s butt, then got Addison on. Then conned EA to get in between us.

We got our picture opportunities over and then I told her I’d hold my arms around her and convinced her to let Tori lead us around.

Before it was over, we couldn’t get her off the horse.

And that was Abug’s family birthday party! It was a fabulous evening!

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